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Race Evaluation

2021 NSW Middle and Long Championships: Middle Course 3a


1. P D R Seemed very far, especially to first castle. Started same time as Aoife who I knew had the first 6 at least the same. Got to no. 1 about 50m ahead
2. P D P R A bit slow up to the castle (rock climbing)
3. P D P R Straight to it but lost a minute to people like Alex and Uncle Jim
4. P D P R Good (3rd fastest)
5. P D P R +00:30Should have found a way straight north. Lost 30 secs going backwards and around
6. P D P R +05:00Drifted off compass at the edge of the circle. Couldn't relocate
7. P D R Pretty good but lost a minute to Ted and Nick
8. P D P R Great compass work
9. P D P R Good
10. D Followed white needle (3rd fastest)
11. D R +01:30Terrible. Again went left on compass and hit the wrong path. Struggled to relocate after that. 1 minute for that and 30 seconds as straight was faster
12. P D P R Good
13. P D P R Good
F. P D P R +00:05Too far left again

Total Time Lost - 00:07:05

Split Analysis

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