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Race Evaluation

New England Championships: Green 2


1. 2nd fastest split, but a really easy leg....
2. +00:45Intended to take trail most of the way, but shortly after starting down small trail it seemed to twist the wrong way and I convinced myself I must have inadvertantly gotten onto the rightmost trail, so I corrected by diving into the green to my left. Arghh.. found the slope of the hill soon enough, up and over but could have avoided that climb and a bit of thrashing...
3. +02:00went straight up the embankment as it didn't look too bad other than steep, but then got tangled in greenbrier at the top. Pushed through, trail for a bit, then through reentrant and up to edge of circle, but hilltop obscured by green and it looked like my hill top should be left, so floundered up in that green for a bit before coming back
4. +02:00Back up through where I had been searching, picked up small trail for a bit, then down to dirt road, cut in at boulder at end of green bit but open woods seemingly pushed me up the hill south of the control, figured it out quick enough and fought my way downhill through the green to the control - but wasted another couple minutes
5. +01:45Thought I was on a line direct to it, but once crossing dirt road I got suckered into depression/reentrant NW of circle, eventually popped up on top of hill and figured it out. Damn...
6. Nice running leg, white woods, west side of pond then up the hill.
7. +00:35More or less straight, but couldn't seem to find the mapped white gap and wound up picking my way uphill through laurel to reach the ridge clearing the crap on the hill to the N, quick into saddle from there.
8. Down to dirt road, crossed marsh, passed bigger trail and up to small trail, realizing it didn't connect to main trail I slowed down, but spotted the end of trail about 10m back in the woods. Followed it a bit, then uphill to the sharper bend and attacked from there.
9. +02:00Kind of on the line, picking up trail for a bit, trying to find cleanest line through laurel but got a little high and passed control, realized my mistake when the laurel around me was much denser and impenetrable, figured I was SW of the circle in the broader patch of laurel and backed out and down to the control. Should have seen those boulders as I passed above them, but may have been too focused on staying upright in the laurel.
10. Almost due S, across stream, picked up indistinct trail, Jordan headed the other direction, down to main trail, across on indistinct to top of spur. And found an unmapped trail down the spur - might have been a game trail, might have been MTB that doesn't see regular use. But easily into the control.
11. +00:40Back up spur to trail, around and left trail by distinct knoll on S side of trail, but must have left a few m too early as I think I got into the white woods east of circle and had to fight the laurel to get into the circle itself
12. +02:00Trail around, but probably should have gone for the strip of white woods. Left the larger trail south at distinct knoll/spur, low vis woods so slow for a bit then into more open woods on the flattish bit, aiming for distinct reentrant on other side of stream, but wound up right of line. Crossed stream - only a foot of water, but 1.5 feet of much below that, so quite submerged.. Got out of stream and saw a much larger reentrant to my R, quickly deduced I was west of circle, climbed the hill, but very low visibility saplings obscured the shallow spur and I missed it on the west, hitting the narrow reentrant and correcting from there.
13. Pretty much straight on contours, weaving between the thickest green bits, but arriving at control ok, just not moving very fast at this point
14. +00:35More low-vis woods - mostly pine sapling type stuff, so easy to push through, but slow to ensure proper direction, picked up the small trail a bit S of bend, followed it N & E to road, would have been quicker to follow it S to road, but oh well.
F. Ran it in as fast I could manage, but slow enough for AP to flag this as an error. Maybe my days of fast finish splits are behind me...

Total Time Lost - 00:12:20

Split Analysis

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