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Race Evaluation

New England Championships: Green 2


2. P +00:05Trail, started to go up and then realized that I really did not need to do that, dropped back down again. Lost time on that though.
3. D +03:00Fine at first, recognized I needed to get around the green, then failed to check my compass off the green and I think basically just went north from there. Registered things weren't lining up and that I hadn't hit the trail so I went right, ran along the trail a little to get my bearings, then was fine from there.
4. P +00:30To the big trail, off at the curve with the rock which looking back on it was just way too early, was a little high for a while and ended up very hesitant. Definitely lost time.
5. P All good. Was really happy to be into this type of careful contour reading again - its been a minute.
6. Ok, went a little far east while avoiding green but caught myself easily
7. R Stayed higher to avoid green. Was fine
8. All good but was slow up the hill.
9. P Used stonewall to indistinct trail to line of boulders. Ok.
10. Contoured and then used the indistinct trail through the green to the white spur. Was ok but not fast, think it might have been better to go on the big trail around.
11. P Back up to the trail and around, had some hesitation getting in the circle but then told myself to just pay attention to the vegetation and found it easily.
12. P D +02:00Was going to just stay on the trails at first but then decided to cut through, thought I had hit the second of the parallel trails at the knoll and small hill top but then didn't check my compass well enough or something*, ended up on that trail at the small ditch and went from there. Felt my concentration going at that point which was not great. Followed along the trail on the stream, saw a control in the reentrant before my control and I was not focused enough to recognize that definitely was not my control so I checked it, luckily checked the code and kept moving. The line of white looked kinda trail-like which worried me but I got to my control pretty easily after telling myself that the "trail" was the white. *Looking at my GPS, I think that I wasn't paying enough attention to what the contours were doing and let myself get dragged down by the reentrant. Needed to note that I was going perpendicular to the reentrant/spurs not parallel.
13. P R +00:20Cut straight to the road, then the second, cut off the second a little to far left and bashed through the medium green instead of using the light green.
14. Went to the northern trail, don't know which was better.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:55

Split Analysis

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