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Race Evaluation

WCOC Ansonia Meet: Red


1. Up trail around light green, almost got run over by Clint, across reentrant, up hill, around rocks, in.
2. trail around, up at bend.
3. Down to trail, E of pond, around cliffs between hills, L of marsh then between two marshes, up spur around to L of hill contouring around to cliff.
4. Down to road, R, down reentrant thru rocks, cross stream and L back to bag.
5. L along stream to small water feature, up it to bag.
6. To road, around rock, over to reentrant to bag.
7. Contour along line picking off rock features, gradually dropping. Hit trail just before rocks, cross reentrant to bag.
8. +02:00Hit road just above pair of rocks, contour along top of rocky ground to big rock cluster and drop between two sets into reentrant but no bag. Had stopped one rock set too soon. Dropped down to see marsh, swung L across wall and up to bag.
9. +01:30Leave just as Pav arrives. Head up to road junction, along road to SE across marsh, cut off to contour around bypassing extra climb but stay low too long and struggle thru rocks. Pav went up trail and I vaguely saw her as I got back to trail as I struggled with rocks. Then climbed up hill, over top down to bag.
10. Dropped down into big reentrant, contoured around rocks/cliffs/nose of hill to bag.
11. Up thru rocks bearing slightly R across big reentrant, over spur, down small reentrant to bag.
12. Straight across hillside staying above rocky ground and to R of wall, hit walls at junction, trail L to trail climbing hill cutting corners, along trail to reentant, climb to bag.
13. Staight, around nose.
14. +01:30Leave slightly to L going down hill just past coyote den - fresh dirt around entrance, R around spur, R around cliff into space seeing Lyn and Vanessa heading down to R. Distracted head over to knolls and take a bit to figure location, then L to bag.
15. Straight, see wall, head on vector to cliff.
16. Pretty straight trying to figure position of woods road. Stop at cliff just before, then go on and to bag.
17. Down reentrant, up and around to bag
18. Along trail, off at bend, around knoll, down reentrant.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:00

Split Analysis

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