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Race Evaluation

WCOC Ansonia Meet: Red


1. really not sure why I didn't take the trail, but basically ran straight in the light green to R of marsh into reentrant bottom then up and over
2. +00:10pretty much straight up and over, drifted a little left, saw wall and turned
3. +02:00not sure what happened here - probably a combo of sloppy compass and running too fast for my own good, but got off well left, convinced myself that a wall I saw was the one halfway to 3 on the line and started running harder - wound up over near #7 before correcting but basically kept running fast as I now knew how far off I was but from this angle running hard to a hill and staying left - from this angle the flag was very visible coming up the hill - this should have been a more costly error but my running speed made up for some of it
4. +01:00ran hard down hill, got to trail and large rock didn't seem to match, looked more like rock to NE so I crossed trail and turned right - got down to little spur SW of flag and realized where I was, turned around and ran back - was probably right on line when I crossed trail
5. right of knoll and spike
6. straight on line, slowed going up the hill to make sure flag wasn't in lower part of reentrant (I was running just above to N)
7. +01:00trying to make up some time, running hard on the line, miscounted trail crossings, can to a larger trail and thought I had overrun my reentrant, paused a bit to match the terrain to map, then continued on at a safer pace and came to it. I really ought to start pace counting more.
8. +00:15straight, pretty clean, pulled up about 25m above reentrant having run high to avoid rocky ground, saw flag and headed down
9. +00:20initially left of line, then straight on line, didn't use trails, once past last marsh I scanned ahead for largest rock feature (flag on 4m boulder) and ran for it - however correct boulder was obscured by hilltop and one I ran to was only 2m when I got there and was about 50m NE, paused, scanned around and saw correct boulder
10. +02:00plan was to hug S side of knolls (should have gone over) but didn't check compass and wound up following SE side of spur SW, saw stream below and turned, but took it slowly having less clearly defined features enroute
11. +04:00BOOM. Made sure I did the compass thing carefully this time, straight on line but hit trail, ran back and forth along trail looking for knoll/cliff to S side - nothing - not wanting to waste time I ran down trail to clearing, verified I was on first trail out of clearing and ended up in the same spot (looking S from trail). Ran a little farther down and noted trail turned S instead of N, came back and checked S side of trail and saw knoll downslope a bit. That extra trail should have either been added to map or alternate control site found -
12. +00:10boomed enough controls at this point that I decided to throttle things back and jog the rest of course to conserve some energy for the Middle Distance challenge. Run to stone wall corner catching feature, up trail past cliff, then straight up - was looking more toward the reentrant, but noticed rock up higher before I actually got into reentrant
13. clean
14. +00:15S of line below gray knoll, but next hill looked like it should have been grayer as well, hesitated to make sure, then NE and small knoll evident once in view
15. up reentrant, between cliffs, follow wall
16. +01:00bad compass initially again, thought I was headed between rocky knolls L of line when in fact I was between knolls R of line, inspected knoll/cliffs to W for a minute, then corrected
17. clean, but glasses fogging so running on rocky ground a little slower
18. slow running due to foggy glasses, but clean
F. trail

Total Time Lost - 00:12:10

Split Analysis

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