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Race Evaluation

WCOC Ansonia Meet: Red


1. Trail toward 18; cut off to leftas start up hill, across saddle, could see flag from top
2. +00:15Crossed hill low to NW to trail; followed trail to R bend in front of stone wall; ran to lower rock first
3. NNE 250m to trail bend, trail around first knoll and around corner, then N to stone wall, follow to trail, then across on spur, up and under to the left.
4. +01:00Headed downhill on compass, but feeling tentative. It was much further than I thought it would be. Kept stopping to check map. Finally hit stream 50 m SW of control and in
5. Hard to get going through rocks. Could see big rock from a distance
6. S on indistinct trail, cross over big trail near big rocks and up reentrant
7. +06:00Maybe should have just dropped to trail. Kept contouring on side hill to SW. Crossed SW-NE trail thinking it was the NW-SE trail, and ran all the way down to stream. What a dope! Back up hill, landed on NW-SE trail N of control and followed it ESE for a while, then S across rocky reentrant and in
8. +00:30On compass, but ended up to far downhill, where I could see the marsh below me. Just lost a couple of lines, though. Could see the big rocks ahead of me, so knew where I was. Passed Donna Fluegel, who had this control on green
9. Up hill to trail junction. Took big trail SE across marsh, then angled S across steam bed to lesser trail, through rocky ground, then up to the top of the hill and beyond to boulder in the reentrant.
10. Ran the ridgeline. Saw Lyn Walker on Green going the other way
11. +00:20On compass. Saw the spur that had the cliff face, but then lost it again! Had to hunt a bit.
12. Trail for a bit, then crossed S of marshy area, but N of stonewall fragment. Angled N to EW trail, then turned corner and angled in to the reentrant.
13. Headed roughly SE to long rocky knoll, over the top and straight to it.
14. Counting ridgelines, got to the right ridge, but a little too far SW and had to look a bit
15. +02:00On compass, but lost attention for a bit and ended up checking all the cliffs to the SW before relocating on the small pond
16. +07:00Down the spur S, got in reentrant just barely NE of control, but couldn't read it on the map, so I thought I was in the reentrant one over to the W, and that I had to climb the ridgeline. S, then N then S again along the ridgeline. All the way down S, up as far as #14. Finally found it in the reentrant. Like the billygoat. When I was looking for something on a hill, it's hard to look in the reentrants. I need more magnification!
17. Pretty straight. I could see the spur developing from a distance.
18. Could see the larger reentrant to the W and knew I had to climb up to find the small reentrant
F. Straight in.

Total Time Lost - 00:17:05

Split Analysis

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