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Race Evaluation

Billygoat 1979 Reenactment: Blue


1. Went well, we were just moving slowly trying to pace ourselves cause we knew we were in for the long haul
2. +01:00Alright but at the very end we dropped a little lower than we wanted after the saddle so the approach was a little off
3. Good other than the moment that we worried we were on an extra trail not the mapped one (we had run into a few not mapped trails on the first two controls)
4. +01:00Headed straight for the trail, failed to cut to the other at the first stream, but I caught us reasonably quickly. (We were just excited to be on a trail and moving at a reasonable pace!)
5. +01:30The original plan was to go left around the Lake and then go back on ourselves, but then we got to the end of the pond and thought: "why aren't we staying on the trails on the right??" so we switched the plan. It wa a good choice. We cut off on the second triangle-ish bit of the trail and contoured in, hitting the control well.
6. Took the trail a bit and then cut up the hill under the cliff and up the big re-entrant. It was a clean attack from there.
7. Took the trail until the hairpin then contoured off, finding the hill top next to the control (although we missed the first one...)
8. Up, past the rocky knoll kinda in the re-entrant
9. Along the trail nearest to 8, cutting off as we passed this poor man who was trying to get out of our way as we then proceeded to leave the trail. He was a bit confused... Contoured to the trail (although we were a bit too far left) and then walked up the hill (pacing...) and up the stream
10. There was a lovely trail right near 9 that we followed, but it dumped us a bit lower than we wanted, but we got ourselves to the big trail and we cut off a little early but followed the re-entrant up.
11. +01:00Compass was awful out of 10 so we ended up in the yellow but that ended up being a pretty good thing because the re-entrant was pretty steep to get up to the flatter area of 11
12. Took the trail until just after the pond and then compassed / looked for the rocky ground and then the deeper re-entrant
13. Took a minute to decide on a route, but went with the right to the trail and avoid the green, and then compassed off the trail junction after the green. We hit the rocky spur and then it was relatively easy from there (minus not recognizing that there was a rock under the control circle...)
14. +00:30Up, up, up. Got up to below the rocky re-entrant and then got to the right of it and followed it up, avoiding the worst of the rock. I got a little bit off after hitting the trail and not checking my compass well enough leaving it (I know, I need to work on it), but it was fine once I figured out what I had done.
15. Thought about going along the trail but then realized that was dumb and followed the spur to the road, then crossed the road and contoured up the hill. Got a little worried when I didn't immediately see the control, but I was fine.
16. +02:00Used the trail to the saddle (leaving my mom cause I was feeling stronger than her) and read carefully to the rocky knoll (or what I thought was the rocky knoll) and then I got distracted (I don't remember what it was but something happened) and I ended up in the re-entrant just short of 16, figured it out and climbed up to 16 and there was my mother. I then decided to just stay with her cause I wasn't feeling thaaatt good.
17. +00:45Read across with the plan of hitting right below the wall of rock right before the first trail but we ended up a little high and hit in the middle of it, but we climbed up a less rocky re-entrant, hit the trail, and then cut down to the road. We followed the road to the trail, followed the trail (but there were a few extras in there which messed with my tired brain) We got to the right trail just under the line, and followed that until the hairpin bend and then contoured out to 17.
18. Cut down to the trail and then out to the swamp with the goal of hitting it a little right to avoid the worst of it which worked pretty well. Feet stayed dry and we got to the trail, passing a girl and her father and then cutting out to the swamp, crossing the tree bridge to the control.
F. +00:45As we were crossing back, I slipped and one leg sank pretty much to the knee in the swamp. It took a moment to get out of that one... We then got stuck behind the daughter and father who were completely oblivious and wouldn't move over to let us pass on the very small trail, so we had to walk until the bridge. After that I went left on the trails to avoid the family that was on the other trail cause I didn't want to have to dodge people. Lost time solely on people dodging and trying to get out off the swamp

Total Time Lost - 00:08:30

Split Analysis

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