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Race Evaluation

QOC: Patuxent River park: Blue


1. Wanted to run hard and have a quick time today. Ran hard down the road and was out of breath by the end of the parking lot.
2. Straightish. Attacked from trail junction.
3. +00:30Up the indistinct trail through the green. Trail was quite good. Down trail through green/white woods area. Across streams. Paused at the first re-entrant. Contours are hard to see on the map and I suspect I didn't see the first one which is what confused me.
4. Crossed early and ran along light green on far side of river.
5. Started high going around reentrants and dropped low to avoid the last couple.
6. Straight. Nadim was there taking pictures. I wanted to look good so I started off in the wrong direction leaving 6.
7. Started off in wrong direction. oops. Thought control was reentrant so surprised when it wasn't and was on hunter stand.
8. I drew my circle a little off. I thought it was spur. I saw the control with water and figured it had to be mine as how many water stops would there be.
9. I stayed low along the stream and cut up after reentrant past the trail.
10. straight. Passed Peggy D on the way.
11. straight. Passed Peggy D on the way.
12. Down the reentrant, around the marsh and across the stream. Up to the field. The trail should be mapped as a road. Across main road, along edge of field and straight to the control.
13. Straight. Only ran on trail for a few steps.
14. straight
15. straight
16. Southish to road. Down road to bend. Then due east to control. Attacked from trail bend.
17. Angled to trail. Trail to bend. Then ran through the worst green to get to the control.
18. Leftish to avoid the worst of the green.
19. To the little marsh norht of the stream bend. Then fought my way to the bridge getting my feet all muddy on the way.
20. Across the field. Decided to go down the road to avoid the green but was probably quicker to go straight.
21. straight
F. I was going to go to the trail but apparently missed and ended up going through the green to the right of the straight line.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:30

Split Analysis

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