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Race Evaluation

QOC: Patuxent River park: Blue


3. Took the small trail SW after crossing the stream, then SE. Found the narrow alley S thru the green an came down the reentrant. Straight after crossing the streams.
4. Took trail W to get around most of the green. Missed the white woods spot I intended to cut in at and went all the way around the green. Could see Dan Q running in the directionof5 as I crossed the stream.
5. Went low then climbed just before the control and had to come down again
9. Low then up the trail. Straight from the jct.
10. Straight along the high NW side of the stream
11. Had planned to contour around low but the low areas were to soft so climbed immediately and went mostly straight.
12. Took the trail by the mainenance sheds to the road and then the horse trail to the first bend.
13. Straight with a little on the trail. Must have gone higher around the ditch than I thought. (see now I should have gone below it) because I passed above the control while looking up. Contours were not making sense and I was in the green N of the control. Heading back to the trail to relocate when I saw the bag below me.
16. SE to the road to miss the reentrants then straight. Cheated to the S a bit to be sure and miss the darker green. Missed it by a low as I crossed the stream at the jct with the white woods. Bearing from there and careful pace count after crossing the trail. Control was right on my line.
17. Trail to the small bend then straight.
18. Intended to go straight but fell of to the N getting a good route thur the green. Along the tips of the shallow rentrants then straight from the last one.
19. Stayed N of the stream and crossed on the bridge. The one little patch of marsh was very slow forcing me to climb up to the trail then immediately run down again. Crossing early was a much better route according to Nadim and I verified this while picking up controls. The large marsh S of the stream was dry. Ran the lowlands between the streams while Nadim cheered from above.
20. Climbed early to SW to get out of the soft ground, then around the rentrant to the trail and road. Nadim was running along side taking pictures. Across the field to road and S on road until clear of the green. Nadim is having no trouble running alongside the whole time. I have got to run faster. Worried that I might blow the control with Nadim right there to document it but see if from way off.
21. W to road and straight from the bend. run to the wrong gully.
F. Probably should have taken trail but go straight hitting more green than expected.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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