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Race Evaluation

QOC: Hemlock Overlook, Night O: Red


1. Into woods, then Horseshoe trail to jct.
2. Did not like map
Bad compass work
Could not relocate
Disturbed by others
Bearing for correct distance but could not find control. Drawn off by someone else but still nothing after I corrected. Wandered the high ground searching with both lights on but nothing. Headed E to relocate on trail. Could not find trail, ended up lost in a bunch of ditches. Bailed N hoping to find trails used to get to 1. Found 1 again (over 13 min wasted) and tried again. Ended up in same place but managed to find control off to S.
3. Did not like map
Did not read control description
Down to stream looking for trail bend as attack point. Could not find trail, but found the one on other side of stream. Wasted some time looking up reentrant instead of on the spur.
4. SE to trail looking for the bend. Came out near the clearing to N so ran the edge and cut in from the corner. With the benefit of daylight I see that the clearing is marked private and I probably should not have been there. Master map should have had it marked out of bounds.
5. Straight line.
6. Straight bearing. Figure to use stream or trail as catching feature if I missed it. Saw it with no problem.
7. +00:30Down the reentrant and up the spur on other side. Found trail ok, but not the bend. Cut in to far S but saw control to N.
8. Hesitated
Back to trail then cut in just past the junction. Wasted some time at the reflectorized post thinking it was marking the junction and looking for the trail. Control was farther out spur than I anticipated so I hesitated on the way there.
9. Did not like map
Bad compass work
Headed W toward trail but got off and ended up going NW. Crossed the stream thinking it was the ditch before the trail. No trail on other side of stream (same no trail as 2 & 3). Realized something was wrong when I started uphill. Back down and found the trail stream crossing. Cut in at bend expecting to follow stream if I did not see control from trail. I saw it.
10. Back to trail then follow it until it touched Bull Run. Then uphill.
11. Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
Bearing to trail. Stopped to say hi to Melissa & Leilani (the 2 DC RoadRunners out for their first time). Saw a bend in the trail and popped in to a control on a rootstock. It wasn't mine. I was 200m W of correct trail bend. Back to trail and in at correct spot.
12. N downhill to stream and trail. Passed Pat Zerfas. W to jct then trail along Bull Run. Could not tell where to cut up so used my pace count and hoped for the best. Hit it dead on.
13. Did not plan ahead
Did not check features en route
Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Bad distance judgement
Not thinking clearly
Down then up the reentrant going NE. Spaced on the distance and thought I was going up the reentrant with the control. Hit the power line and was confused since I thought I was already by the yellow stripe on the map. Figured I was at the red line which went E-W from 13 to the buildings. (That was my course line) Thinking I was following it to 13, I ran down the powerline. Regained my sanity when I saw Dan Quinn who had started 2 min ahead of me. We took the trail through the green.
F. Dan got away from me when I hit a patch of thorns. Just ran in the direction of the buildings. Relocated at the registration building.

Total Time Lost - 00:20:00

Split Analysis

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