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Race Evaluation

2019 Orienteering USA Masters Nationals at the Older Dash: Green Saturday


1. Took me a moment to find the start triangle, and I was quite worried about my ankle, but it was straightforward
2. Just cut back to the ski trail and off at the corner, taking a bearing to hit the rock face
3. P +00:20Took the trail a little bit and then cut off down to hit the first stream and I followed that until it joined the main stream. Crossed and got up onto the hill on the other side and went down until I hit the plateau. Never saw the stream by 3, but I could tell it as the swamp. Overall didn't make the best plan for the second half of the leg which led to a little bit of hesitation.
4. P D R +02:30I honestly didn't really have a plan for this leg. I went down in the white, passing the second swamp, and from there I just went down. I drifted a little left and ended up on the rocks in the light green. I stayed there, a little confused because I felt like the re-entrant that was to my left was a little large, but eventually I went a little right and saw the control.
5. +00:10My original plan was to hug the edge of the dark green and just push through the light green, but I ended up at the pond on top. From there it was pretty easy as the contours were quite distinct.
6. Easy back to the ski trail and down until the stonewall and off from there
7. +00:05Again a simple across the ski slope and down the glade, was a little high but I figured it out quite quickly.
8. P +00:05Across on top of the rock faces, just under the rocky ground in the next white, and to the trail at the boulder, and from there across the stream and up the hill to the control. Lost a little from hesitation in the circle for no good reason. Just was trying to read too much.
9. I planned on going across and hitting the stream junction but I was a bit low (or maybe I just didn't see it? My GPS track makes it look like I went right over it...). When I got to the ski trail right before the control the rocks were quite obvious as were the veg boundaries.
10. P D +00:10I continued down the veg boundaries and I went down the ski trail by the top of the chairlift and tried to stay on about the same contour. I ended up a little bit high but realized it out quickly.
11. Out to the trail and back in at the line of rocks and then down a bit
12. Out to the trail and across to the next before going down
13. +00:45I went one trail too far but figured it out reasonably quickly.
14. +00:20I ended up a little low and questioned if I needed to go a trail further but I caught myself before I did.
15. +00:05Easy across but I didn't check what feature it was on so I hesitated and lost a few seconds
16. P P +01:00Can we just not talk about this one? Please? ...

Total Time Lost - 00:05:30

Split Analysis

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