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Race Evaluation

QOC Wheaton Regional Park: Red


1. Did not plan ahead
Took a long time to orient map
3. Bad route choice
Left #2 on line. Decided route too green, went to less green and to tracks
4. Bad distance judgement
Did not estimate distance from AP to control
5. Bad compass work
Bad compass work from #4. ended up too far to left
6. No attack point
Took a compass bearing followed contours
7. Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
At least twice started heading toward #17 instead of #7
8. No attack point
Bad compass work
Did not read compass, just headed up hill but not uphill enough. Lacked good AP
9. Bad route choice
Saw a lot of green so decided to run trails to left. Failed to see route to right with less climb
13. Bad route choice
Followed trails too much. Much shorter route to right of trail
15. Bad distance judgement
Aimed off and ran down linear feature (stream), but misjudged distance from stream.
16. Tired
Tired going up the hill
17. Tired
Tired Good navigation until I veered toward #7 instead of #17
18. Tired

Total Time Lost - 00:10:30

Split Analysis

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