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Race Evaluation

QOC Avalon/Orange Grove: Red


1. Started out slow since my ankle was hurting a bit. It usaually does after a long run the day before. Cut in early since I figured it was better to run through the deadfall than run over the cliff.
2. Did not like map
Did not read control description
Unused to map
Out to road at end of guard rail then cut up just before what I thought was the stream. Saw a control on a rock by the stream but ignored it because it was to soon, to low and my circle was around a big knoll. Kept going up but found no knolls and no gully. Hit the trail and could see the whole hillside. Assumed I must have miscopied when I saw my description was a boulder so ran back down to the control I had passed earlier. I was there as Jon Torrance came up and saw me. So much for my 4 minute head start. Still do know what was wrong. Did not check the masters later but Jon had circled the same spot.
3. Did not like map
Unused to map
Jon ran away on the trail. Something seemed screwy with the trails near the stream. Somehow we ended up on the E side of the N-S stream. Even though I remember cutting back over to the W, we still ended up in the E ditch at the control there. Continued high, never saw the fence and I eventually relocated from the knolls to the E. Even after I found the control I did not like the look of the area.
4. Underrated difficulty
Did not like map
Lacked confidence
Unused to map
Last I saw of Jon was as I was a few hundred m along the way to 4. Did not see the fence leaving 3. Stayed S of the direct line and went though the clearings. Could not match the vegetation up with the map, did not see the other fence and had no idea of the distance. Figured I would hit the trail past 4 and come back. Found a control in a ditch and assumed I was WSW of the bag since that was the only ditch I could find. Saw no trail so maybe at the reentrant E of bag. (I was) Split the difference and when I saw the circular clearing, went in from there.
5. +00:20No confidence in map or my orienteering. Figured I could not miss this ditch if I measured distance right. Through the trails ok and past the dot knoll. Based on its tiny size it was not surprising I saw no knolls at #2. Hit the ditch ok and could see up and down it in both directions but no control. Just some blue streamers, some junk and a log. Crossed for a different view but still the same. Went E since I had aimed off to the left. Spotted the punch hanging down below the log.
6. Unused to map
Up reentrant coming out at trail jct. Headed in through the clearings trying to find better running. Saw the ruin and ran down E side of stream. Because of scale I figured the pit would be practically in the stream so made sure I was close. Pit was not much bigger than the bag but mananged to hide it.
7. Tired
Unused to map
Down stream to trail, cut in a jct then contoured and climbed.
8. Did not follow plan
Unused to map
Countoured around a little to much and hit stream below the jct. As I was going past some large reentrants which were nothing but tiny wiggles on the map, it finally dawned on me why I have been so confused. The contour interval is large and I did not adjust for the blown up scale.
9. Tired
With my confidence restored, I went straight there. Now if I could only restore my energy.
10. Tired
Crossed the stream at the reentrant, over the spur and came in from the rocks to the SE.
11. Tired
Ran in general direction and stumbled across it.
12. Tired
13. Did not want to risk missing it in a bunch of rocks so took a careful bearing. Waste of time. Visible from way off.
14. Tired
Very poor speed getting down the hill. Worried about when to cut up since I assumed it would not be visible from road. I was looking out at the river and clearing when I should have just looked uphill since it was in plain sight.
15. Tired
Since 14 was so close to road, I dropped back down and cut up at the stream.
17. As I approached 16, I saw someone running away down the road. Put some effort into the run here but they were gone.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:50

Split Analysis

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