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Race Evaluation

QOC Avalon/Orange Grove: Red


1. Hesitated
Unused to map
Cut off right before the guard rail and almost wiped out on the slope--very rocky. Then stupidly just had to check out the Orange control on the way, but fortunately, since it was in line, it was only about a 5 second detour.
2. Bad distance judgement
Unused to map
Almost overran this one, but luckly, I saw Sam L. coming out of it when I was only about 10 meters past it on the road. Still getting use to the map scale.
3. Bad route choice
Did not like map
Really didn't like the way the 1st reentrant to the SE of #2 was mapped. It looked MUCH bigger in real life. I consequently pulled up to the higher trail sooner than I wanted to. I was planning on contouring all the way down to the stream/trail intersection. Then, I made a bad route choice, instead of just following the stream S to the ditch and then going uphill, I took the indistinct trail a little W and then S up the hill to the ditch. Can't tell if it was a slower route or not. The number of contours are the same, but something tells me I would have been better staying low. I punched just a few seconds before Sam L.
4. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Stupidly tried to go straight at it and ended up in green hell. Sam was with me and I yelled out, "You gotta stay high it's too much of a mess down there." Ended up drifting all the way to the ruin about 300 meters NE of the control and reoriented from there. Discovered later that I should have stayed low along the stream. Gotta remember to keep that thumb compass a good 2 inches to the left of the line, instead of on it. I've missed several better routes to the left because of this problem.
5. +00:05Straight at it. Saw Francis on the left and Eddie was barreling down on the right. I split the middle and went right down the small reentrant. We all hit the ditch at about the same time. We stood there for a good five seconds, then I was the first to see it and punch. Everyone else was right with me, however, when I found it.
6. Did not read control description
Eddie was gone in a flash. Instead of trying to follow him like I usual do, I just concentrated on the map. Went up the reentrant, over the road, hit the dark green and hooked to the right. Ran down the stream looking for the control bag in the ditch (because I hadn't taken the time to read the control description). Knew it was a problematic control when I saw Eddie running back toward me. About this time Francis and another guy were also in red light mode with me. I looked at the map closedly, saw the depression, where I was standing, then looked at the control description and exclaimed, "Oh God, it's a well!" From there, it only took me about another 5 seconds to find it. I tried to punch quietly, but, as Francis would tell me later, I left the area much too fast and alerted everyone else to where the control was, including my wife Heidi, who had just come into the area.
7. +00:05Straight at it, around the gully, and then looked around for about 5 seconds until I saw the depression.
8. Eddie has caught back up to me and is gone again. Straight at it. No problems.
9. +00:10Straight at it. Ended up a little low on the hill and lost about 10 seconds having to climb up to it.
10. +00:05Contoured around spur and saw the two new Japanese members of the club punching it (sorry, don't know their names). Had to wait about 5 seconds for one of them to punch.
11. No problem, right to it. One of the Japanese guys, is about 10 seconds behind me. Both of them will be head to head with me until control 17.
12. Confused parallel features
Climbed a couple of contours and then went straight at it. Lost about 30 seconds by climbing down the gully just to the E of the quarry.
13. No problems
14. Bad route choice
Read map too late
Bad map reading
Lost about 1:30 due to stupid map reading and a bad route choice. The thumb compass covering to the left of the line was a problem. Figured I would be smart and stay high and drop down on the control, but, after about 50 meters E of #12, I discovered, "Hey, there's a road down there dummy." Finally crashed down the hillside in some very nasty rocky piles just N of 12 instead of the nice run everyone else had directly N down the hill out of #13.
15. No problems
16. No problems
17. No problems except my legs are dead.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:10

Split Analysis

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