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Race Evaluation

QOC Avalon/Orange Grove: Red


1. Bad distance judgement
Did the exact same thing that Ted did.
2. Stayed low until past cliff, then road to stream, then up.
3. Angled up to trail, then down to junction, then up spur to control. I'm slow on the uphills.
4. Lacked confidence
Disturbed by others
Sw thru saddle, then contoured, counting reentrants. Lost confidence and got distracted by Ted Good who was looking for the control int he reentrant 200 m east.
5. Compass bearing. Decided not to pay attention to the maze of trails, as it would just be too confusing. Aimed off a little left, then ran down right side (north side) of ditch to control. Easily visible from that side, but not from south side. Ted took the south side and saw me punch or he might have gone flying by.
6. Followed reentrant N to road, then rough compass down to the broad reentrant. Followed stream to control. Ted got there first, so I didn't have to search for the control, or I might have gone right by.
7. Did not follow plan
Lacked concentration
Momentarily forgot that there were two streams to cross, so went a bit higher over that spur between the streams than I should have. But caught the mistake quickly.
9. Read map too late
Planned route from 9 to 10, thinking I was at 9 already. So I ran down to the stream, and then realized what I had done.
10. Bad map reading
Started to drift right on way up spur before the control. Realized it, but overcorrected and ended up on rock promontory 100 m WSW. Stopped, studied map, correctly located myself, then ran to the wrong rock pile. Ended up on the rocks 100 N instead of the ones 100 m NE. Stopped, figured that out, then went to the right one, finally! Surprised to see Ted approaching from yet another direction when I got there.
11. Looking for rock wall, but never saw it. The reentrant must extend further south than mapped, as it seemed I ran a long way down it before I hit the control.
12. Up to the spur, then contour.
13. Contour
14. I'm a good downhill runner!
15. I'm a lousy uphill runner.
16. Pat Zerfas ran past me on the road like I was standing still. but I cut down into the woods a few meters before she did and beat her to the control.
17. Pat left me in the dust again...

Total Time Lost - 00:04:15

Split Analysis

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