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Race Evaluation

QOC Avalon/Orange Grove: Red


1. Bad distance judgement
Pulled up Short. Got confused. ran back to orange control.
3. First saw Tom Strat ahead of me.
4. +02:30Difficulty matching 1:7500 scale with 20 ft countours. I was looking for much to shallow reentrants and pulled up a reentrant short. Tom Strat with me.
5. +00:20Trouble running in correct direction. Hit ditch way to high. Running with Tom Strat.
6. Passed Tom Strat.
7. +00:20Misread what I was running to. Thought I was running to the reentrant and not the depressions.
8. +00:10Stream/ditch/gully whatever control is on goes much higher on hill than mapped. I hit it high and had to run way down.
10. +03:00Screwed up. I went confused, fell to low. Spent a long time figuring out where I was. Tom Caught me again.
11. +03:00Circled the wrong place on my map. Tom droped down the correct place. I laughed at him until there wasn't a control where I went. Tom long gone by the time I got to the control.
14. +00:15Really steep getting down the hill. Wasn't sure if I would be able to see the control from the trail. Hesitated deciding if I should angle up the hill.
15. +00:15Could see Tom Again. Got to control area but I was looking the #14 feature, DOOOAAAH. I was looking for a boulder/cliff instead of the gully. Gully was barely a ditch.
16. +00:10gained ground on Tom. Had to wait for two people ahead of me at the punch.
17. +00:05Gained more ground. Had to wait for two people ahead of me at the punch. One of the Tom.
F. Finished just behind Tom.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:50

Split Analysis

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