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Race Evaluation

Fall Foliage Festival: Red Sunday


3. Checked out soe other stuff on top of the hill before going to the control feature.
6. Everything was fine until near the end, when I planned to use the wall corner for an attack point. It didn't show up as soon as I expected, and I worried that I had gone too far right and missed it, so I wasted a little bit of time looking at rocks and knolls before I spotted the wall corner and figured out where I was.
8. Mistook the three small boulders for the two large ones and ran too far left, so I never saw the pond and figured out something was amiss when I heard the creek, and saw that I was on the (very faint) trail.
10. Was doing fine up until the very end, when I went too far right and checked out another boulder that was uphill of the one with the control.
13. Terrain too complex for me to make sense of it, looked at reentrants and boulders at random until I saw the wall up ahead, recognized a deep reentrant, and was able to got from there to the control.
14. Checked out the rock stuff to the SW before going to the control.
15. Crossed the stream in the green. Trying (successfully) to catch Phil in the field.
F. Not a great run, but somehow good enough for 2nd in M45.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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