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Race Evaluation

NZ Orienteering Nationals - Easter 2019: M21E - Long


1. P D P R 2 +00:30
2. P D P R 2 +00:20
3. P D P R 3
4. P P R 3 +03:00Probably went too far out to the left on the Route choice
5. P D P R 2
6. P D P R 3 +01:00Was too high on the control, plan was ok, didn't execute it very well at all
7. P D P R 2
8. P D P R 3
9. P D P R 4 +02:00Hesitated a little bit, lost contact with route at one point but figured it out without too much time loss
10. D P R 3 Was rushed, came into too it a bit low, but ok
11. P D P R 3 was slow up the hill
12. P D P R 3 +01:00Was trickier than it looked, panicked early and started looking a bit too early on. sorted myself out and got it ok
13. P D P 4 +01:00Cut too high into the control, route was ok but did not seem too fast in comparison to Jonty
14. P D P R 2 +02:00Ended up way too low in the valley below the control, didnt climb high enough in the open.
15. P D R 2 +00:30Cut through some of the Green which wasnt the ideal route
16. P D P R 2
17. P D P R 2
18. P D P R 2
19. P D P R 4 +02:00Risky route, hesitated a bit before the control which cost some time. Hadnt gone far enough
20. P D P R 3 Hard work up the hill
21. P P R 2 +01:00too low when got near the circle
22. P D P R 4
23. P D P R 3 +01:00Took a poor route choice, lost some time but worked out ok
24. P D P R 2
25. P D P R 2
F. P D P R 1

Total Time Lost - 00:15:20

Split Analysis

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