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Race Evaluation

WCOC Macedonia Brook: RED


1. Trail, crash thru barberry. Sore knees today.
2. +02:00Climb to cairn, down between walls, hesitated at stream and crossed gingerly on bridge remains.
3. Crossed stream balancing on downed tree, cross mid point of wall, contour/ climb along below steeper slope to below rock/charcoal pit and attacked to cliff.
4. +00:30Straight, slowed betw marshes to help wandering ARer.
5. Straight, betw walls, corner of walls but not sure of location as walls seemed at strange angle, corrected and in as ARer caught up.
6. Straight to road corner and straight in. Probably faster to hit road early and run it but woods were nice.
7. Straight up racing AR.
8. Racing 2 ARs along wall, crossed early to stay high out of gr, contoured along checking off rocks. Again Probably best straight to trail and off corner but didn't see it with ARs. Good lesson.
9. To R on trail to wall, along wall bending L and along above wall by marsh to end amongst rocks contouring. Saw bag to R ahead, as AR went for it.
10. Contoured below rocks, picked up indistinct game trail thru Gr to corner of trail, down a bit around rocky ground and in after AR and Jacob.
11. Straight.
12. Dropped slightly and hit trail near clearing, up trail straight into bag passing AR wandering near trail junct
13. +00:30Trouble with copying here as drew line over stone wall. When crossed stream and trail, could see wall close by on L. Headed further down thinking it was upper wall and followed lower wall around and in. Didn't see other wall until night.
F. To road.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:00

Split Analysis

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