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Race Evaluation

CNYO/EMPO Halloween Howl Day 1: Red


1. +02:00Headed along the right side of the streambed. Couldn't see what the squiggles in the circle were. Pulled up at the control on the rootstock, but couldn't see the mini-rootstock on the map, so I was really confused. Stopped to try to read it, then went back to the control on the culvert mapped as a cliff. Finally determined where that was and was ok.
2. +11:00What a comedy of errors! Thought I was on the trail segment just right of the line, but was actually on the trail by the big yellow area, one trail over to the right. A succession of parallel errors, and long periods fighting through green that I assumed was what the white looked like here. Back and forth, finally figured it out and relocated off the hemlock veg boundary.
3. Slightly right through the marsh just left of the rootstock forest, and straight in.
4. +01:30Fighting around the fallen trees, got off to the right and hit the trail.
5. +02:00Again drifted right, banging up against the hillside and wondering what that was. Hit the trail at the corner. Angled down through green, white and green again. Carl Childs passed me going like blazes. I think I was in the white, and the control showed up, actually a bit earlier than I expected.
6. Through the lighter green slot. I saw Carl running back toward me, turns out he had gotten stuck in the fight and was trying to get out. Ran into the southern stone pile, stopped to check the map more closely, then straight in.
7. Brad Whitmore passed at high speed and got away quickly. Pretty much on the straight line. I saw the rootstock with the flag from a bit of a distance. Just lucky, I guess.
8. Just a little right to clear the end of the marsh, then up the first reentrant and angling over to the right one. Dean Sturtevant was a bit ahead.
9. Dean went straighter. I figured I'd cut in after the third building, but missed counting the first one and had to stop short as I was blowing by.
10. On the road, then straight up the hill. Passed Dean as we got to the woods.
11. Spikes on the road behind me, coming fast. It was Carl (how did he get behind me - went by #7)
12. Pushing to stay in front of Carl

Total Time Lost - 00:16:30

Split Analysis

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