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Race Evaluation

CNYO/EMPO Halloween Howl Day 1: Red


1. Did not plan ahead
Followed others
Mass start, hitting start punch behind Greg B & Alar, initially going w/ lead crowd, including Alar past small building left of brook, crappy footing, checked map and saw control on other side of stream, and better running over there, crossed over and fell in behind Greg B punching right behind him.
2. straight to trail junction, follow trail to bend then straight in. Greg B drifted uphill R a bit, sprinted just to get into control ahead of him (because I could)
3. Ran too fast
straight to S end of marsh, then turning along edge, but edge of marsh not terribly distinct and ran beneath feature by about 25m, turning and seeing Greg B uphill and behind me at flag
4. +00:30drifted a little left of line headed for a lighter patch of wood (presuming clearing) but was mistaken and corrected right to correct 'clearing' - which in the woods was darker than the false one I thought I saw
5. Ran too fast
Confused parallel features
running hard w/ Alar and Tim Parson, found the clear swath through the green but wound up a little low in the index contour reentrant - Alar was higher, but came down to us (there was another course bag down here) and then all three of us went back up to correct reentrant. Three of us would exchange lead, but essentially run near each other the rest of the way
6. Bad route choice
Got into the crap missing the light green strip to the S - got up on a big blowdown and not seeing anything good to the N, I picked my way out to the white woods S of green losing everyone. Once into the white I turned it up and as I approached #6 could see Alar leaving in the distance, Tim catching me from behind
7. Hesitated
straight line, catching up to Alar about 100m from flag. He and Tim P. drifting low towards evergreen boundary, hesitated following them, then turned uphill into the green and got flag with them close behind
8. +00:30went wider to the R than most, then corrected back behind them a little overcompensating, saw building and then up. Ran well with no real errors, but a zig-zag route cost me some distance.
9. cranked it up to reel Alar back in, catching him by flag
10. I pretty much went straight, Alar was a little left, we got up to 10 about the same
11. Alar left faster and I got down to the road with him about 40m out front. Still trying to read map so as not to make a critical late game mistake, I ran hard down the hill.
12. Just behind Alar at flag
F. Caught Alar near the chute, but pushing max pace, didn't have anything left to pass him. But J-J and Ernst set out on the 2nd leg together.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:00

Split Analysis

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