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Race Evaluation

CNYO/EMPO Halloween Howl Day 1: Red


1. On a QOC relay with Andy and Tom Strat. I had 3rd leg and had no other starters near me. Up the clearing, crossed stream early and climbed a bit to get to what looked like better running. Past the other control and drop down to ours.
2. Up to trail and cut in from the bend.
3. W to go below the tip of the marsh. After getting thru the rootstocks, turned the corner and straight in. Passed someone on this leg who shaved the marsh to closely and got hung up in the crap.
4. Straight. Attacking from rootstock/tree just before it. Control was visible from a distance.
5. Straight line to trail and stream, then hoped to catch the white alley thru the green. Seemed to be successful since the woods were ok. Stayed a bit S to make sure I did not miss the reentrant.
6. +02:00Intended to go low around the green but was already onto the straight line before making this decision. Did not look to bad and tried to find the best route hoping it was the light green alley. Came out at the rock pile. Not sure what happened here. Thought I was dropping down but instead of heading straight downhill, I continued to contour and spiked the Blue control. Went more N to determine where on the stream I was before running back S to the control.
7. +02:00Straight out to the trail intending to cut the corner and go straight line the whole way. Got distracted by seeing the water and thinking that it was not placed where I could get some without going out of my way. I did not want water anyway so should have not let it bother me. Went to close to the jct and somehow felt I should be dropping instead of contouring. Visited the other control low, wondered what I was thinking and slogged back uphill to the bag. Had lots of company
8. +00:50Did not want to take a chance on marsh so went around west end. More W than intended, so when I saw a control off line to the right in the trickle I had to check it out first.
9. Along S edge of line of buildings cutting in after the 3rd one. Knew that Andy had done 33+ and Tom 36+. Check the watch and I won't beat Andy. Will be close with Tom.
10. Road. Had to walk part of the final uphil.
11. +00:15Back to road, twisting left ankle just before reaching it. Seemed to be ok after a few steps and tried to run hard.
12. Sprint down the trail.
F. Wondered what was between the last control and the finish since no one seemed to go straight. Now I know. Took the bridge like everyone else. An ok run. I was careless on the middle controls and slow on the uphills. Tom beat me by 12 seconds. QOC was 7th in the relay.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:05

Split Analysis

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