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Race Evaluation

CNYO/EMPO Halloween Howl Day 1: Red


1. Clint Morse (on my team) came in on relay leg #1 on the heels of Alar Ruutopold, so I started at virtually the same time as Ernst Linder. Andy Strat was there at the same time as well, tagging to his father, but Tom fell off the back after a few controls. Up across the road, started on the left side of the creek, and crossed over when it started getting thick. Ernst got a few steps ahead, but hesitated, and we arrived together.
2. Felt like I was running through peanut butter, lingering effects of a cold from two weeks ago, and figured there was no way I could keep up with Ernst, but still had him in sight at the control.
3. Ernst headed off to the right, and I took a straighter line down the hill. He crossed back in front of me down by the marsh, and we both got bounced around by the blowdowns in the area, but had no trouble heading for the ones with the control once we got back out to white woods.
4. Ernst was a little off to the left, and I kept my head up and spotted the clearing, so we arrived at about the same time.
5. Different lines out to the trail, but we crossed the the same spot. Ernst was a little high, eventually getting slowed down by the green. I saw it coming and dropped down a bit to stay in the hardwoods and away from the poky branches. Control was right there when we popped out.
6. We both went for the light green gap in the dark green patch, and got through with no trouble, just ducking under or hopping over a couple of trunks. Went by a control that was on some other courses, and headed down. Ernst was off to the right a little, but I spotted the marsh and headed for it, with him correcting right afterwards and getting there a couple of steps ahead.
7. Straight toward the control, cutting the corner between the two trails. Leif was tere as well,a dn he and Ernst were a bit higher than I was. I was trying to read the contours rather than the vegetation boundary, and expected the control to be at the foot of a slope, where a terrace started. Never saw that terrace, and the control was up higher than where I was. Ernst and Leif got it before me, putting me back a little way.
8. Down toward the indistinct marsh, not sure where I was hitting it, and it turned out I ran right through it (it wasn't bad at all). Was therefore off to the left a bit, and I could see Ernst up ahead hesitating. He turned right, which I thought was a bad move until I came over a rise and saw a building ahead, at which point I also turned right and went up the reentrant.
9. Into the cabins, and took a straighter line across grass whie Ernst stayed on pavement longer.
10. Up the road and into the woods at the intersection, with Ernst still in sight. Not too fast climbing up to the ruin, and when I turned around, Ernst and another guy were gone.
11. Stright down the slope to the road, then hightailed it down the hill, though apparently not nearly as quickly as Ernst, who was out of sight. Leif was there again, and I watched him make an error, going down the hill through the green toward the lake.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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