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Race Evaluation

CNYO/EMPO Halloween Howl Day 1: Red


1. Not part of a relay team, started alone. Started up the left side of the stream, crossed a bit early, had to slow and check the control that I knew wasn't mine.
2. up the hill to the trail junction, trail to the open area then in.
3. +03:30Wanted to skirt the marsh, but ended up going through the tip of it. Seemed to be more thickets than I expected, ran right past the one I wanted and kept going. Saw the control in the clearing coming up, just knew it was #4, but had to go all the way to it to confirm before I headed back to #3. Got some strange looks from members of a pack that had been behind me as I went back in the wrong direction.
4. back to #4 again, found it no problem
5. Pissed off and frustrated. Wandered up to the right, into the green. Hit the trail a bit high, came down about 50 m and cut over the stream. Followed the white strip - there was a ruined stone wall along the upper edge. Punched about hte same time as Jim Perkins (cadet)
6. Thought about cutting right of the line through the light green, but saw some of the dark green and reconsidered. Dropped to the left and went below the dark green. Jim P went further left. Over the gentle spur, saw the 2 rootstocks then caught a glimpse of the control and in. Jim P was still crashing around SW of the control.
7. On the line past 2 trails, think I went past the light green area and broken ground on the heavy contour. Was pace counting and trying to figure out the vegetation boundary on the map versus the hemlocks I could see up ahead. Caught a flash of red through the trees and in.
8. Right of the line around the marsh, staying high. Over the stream, past the rootstock, reentrant, hit the intermittent stream and up into the control.
9. Clearing paved road, drop in after the 3d building, dash around Michael Commons right at the bag.
10. Up to the road junction, past Aims Coney studying his map. Decided to cut straight up through the forest - when I hit the 2d road, Aims came trotting through on my left - he'd taken the road around to the left of the line, chased him up the hill.
11. Down the hill. Aims still in front of me. Big cluster of folks cheering near the control
12. Aims pulling away
F. Aims pulling further away, no steam left

Total Time Lost - 00:03:30

Split Analysis

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