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Race Evaluation

Telemark US Champs Day 2: Red Y


1. Trail to powerline. Cut in at low spot.
2. Half contoured around N side of big depression.
3. SSE to catch the small trail near the manmade object. To larger trail and noted the exit from 7 and approach to 6 as I went by. Large trails and had planned to take EW trail from jct 500 W of control. Tired of the trail running so cut off 200m before the jct and came in from the bend 200m to W. Should have just taken the trail as planned. Depression was reconizable and there were a lot of people converging on the control.
4. +01:00Back out almost the same way I came in, catching the trail near the boulder. Trails until the T jct NE of control. Initially up the depression then tried to go straight at it. Got a bit right and had to stop and look around before seeing the reentrant. Lots of people in the area but most seemed to be going to another control.
5. Along the high ground and out to trail at the bend. Passed by someone apparently on my course but did not know their name. He had passed me at 3 but had still been approaching 4 as I left. Chased him to the trail jct but could not keep up. Past the small wet area and read my way in. Kenny went by on blue on the uphill into the control.
6. +00:40Straight, catching the 2nd trail at the bend. Left on trail then cut across to larger trail so I could attack from its bend as planned on the way to 3. Skirted the depression but did not see the control on the high ground and overshot. Saw the trail to E of control and came back. Bag had been behind a tree.
7. Straight. Pass Dave Onkst on RedX going the other way.
8. +00:10Run up the line of depressions and in from the bend. A bit hesitant since the bend is large and I do not want miss in an area filled with small depressions. Control turns out to be obvious and see Nadim on RedX coming out.
9. Along the depression and across the first trail. S on 2nd trail to bend and half contour the depression.
10. +01:00NE to trail, and take it to first jct.. Probably should have gone on to the bend after the 2nd jct. Straight across the depression but do not see the bag on other side. A bit to the left and see the trail bend. Kathleen Lennon is there. Looking back down to relocate, I see the control below me.
11. +00:40Think I should have gone E to trail but am already going along W side of depression before deciding this. Eventually just head NE and go to trail bend. Know there is little course left but am hurting on the uphill.
12. Straight
13. Indistinct trail to larger trail. Brad passes me on the way to his GO control. I cut in from the bend.
14. There is a sort of ride leaving the control so I follow it SW before cutting to the trail, see the streamers and come out right at the bag.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:30

Split Analysis

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