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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander IX: Highlander


1. Not a runner but I start out faster than I should, so I get to see all sorts of folks as they pass me
2. Took eastbound road/trail to swamp and then trail south. After cutting in, saw Peggy D, Tom Wagar, and Jeff Saeger coming out, so spiked it.
3. Followed Jeff straight to it.
4. Muddled to it behind Jeff.
5. Straight to it with Peggy and Jeff in sight, but not for long.
6. Veered right and hit road near junction to top of Jackie Jones mountain. All alone, so I went up road and attacked along straight line. Dream of picking up a pack went unfulfilled.
7. Straight to it staying below green and above rocks. As I approached, was caught by pack including Sharon Crawford, Tom Wagar, Jon Goodwin, Charlie DeWeese, Patrick Gallagher, and Pavi (couldn't see; going by Charlie's comments)
8. Straight down the ridge. Sharon drops back at the water stop.
9. Slog the hill in the group.
10. Pavi(?) in front, Tom and I head left south of Beaver Pond. This route looks long, but we beat Charlie and Jon to #9 and they run faster so it must be better.
11. Stop at map exchange to fix control card holder. Advantage of last leg lost. Pavi took off well before anyone else and was not seen again.
12. Down the road, the pack splits in at various points, but it's all a wash as we end up together sweeping down the hill to the control.,
13. Train along trail to the east and then over the hill towards it. We're a bit sloppy but there are two people (Mark Cornish and Tim Good?) southeast of the control looking lost. We all get it and they seem to stay there.
14. Manage to completely wipe out while crossing rocks. Get up and I've lost the pack, but I go around the hill and straight to it and see them coming across.
15. Recatch pack as everyone drinks at water stop.
16. Group effort as we bobble in the circle.
17. Pack splits a little at hill just before control, but re-establishes as we leave , all going south of the swamp.
18. Straight in.
19. Ditto.
20. Bobbled a little as we went a little high on the hill. Karl Ashwende is in front of us, and Tom is dropping back a bit.
21. Straight to it.
22. Pack goes to road, but I misread map and stay in the woods. By the time I realize what's going on, Charlie and Jon are long gone, Tom has passed me on the road, and Karl is ahead in the woods. (Not sure about Patrick.) Eventually I, and then Karl, head to the road. Pack is still visible, but more of a train as we go into the control. I'm currently the caboose.
23. We're all high (except for Karl) as we bounce off the corner of the stone wall and overshoot. Coming back, we spot the streamers and go in.
24. Get embarassingly confused after crossing road and swamp. Eventually, Charlie and I find it with most of the pack behind. Karl had already punched and I think we lost Tom here.
25. Down the field to the corner, then follow the stone walls. Not the most direct way, but...
26. ...somehow I am ahead of Charlie and Jon who had cut through the southern field. Go figure.
27. I'm really beginning to cramp, so I eat extra bananas, etc. and the pack (other than Tom) leaves in front of me. Last I see of Tom.
28. Charlie, Jon, Patrick and I (more or less in that order) head out along the lake edge trail. We spread out and the other three catch Karl, but I never do as I drop back from exhaustion. I last see Karl by second swamp. Cut over to east/west trail by jumping off at the indistinct trail that clips the corner. Am later told this was a great idea as the later (main) junction was apparently obscure. Follow trails to the bypass southeast of the control and attack in along base of cliffs.
29. Straight to it, down the cliffs and turn right. At end of cliff line realize that I should have looked left. Control was about eight feet from where I descended.
30. Drifted right and hit swamp. Relocated, but had a real rough time with cramps as I tried to get through the rocky hillside. Control was easy after that.
31. Trail to below cliff system, but then got too far west and ended up in open area west of control. Went to bare rock at edge of circle to verify and found both control and Patrick.
32. Walk with Patric to west end of pond/swamp at edge of map. Walk the trail past Black Ash and Parker Swamp and attack off of stream trickle. Pace count and brain are way off and we end up low and continue to descend until we are almost at Parker Swamp again. At this point brain re-engages and we climb up to control. Legs comment that the extra climb was not necessary.
33. Down the road, I tell Patrick to go on as I cannot run, but he doesn't open up much distance. Take minor cutoff at south end of swamp and slog up hill attacking from north. When I get to the top, I see Patrick looking down at the control, trying to find his way through the cliffs. Punch right behind him.
34. Patrick heads "right-ish", but I want to avoid green at all costs. Hit road at edge of green and follow streamers to control.
F. This is the shortest 130 m finish I've seen (the 43m listed on Attackpoint may also be an overestimate), but I needed it. Stumbled in...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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