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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander IX: Highlander


1. (s) Running with Randy's group. I honked at the "Sound Horn" sign.
2. (1) Left of line to small marsh. Was with Nadim in the green here. I went right, through the green to the white. Popped out and saw Wyatt.
3. (2) Let out a whoop here as I was enjoying it so far, but things went bad in a hurry. Went left to go left around the green blob. Ended up WAAAAY left in the reentrant with the cliff due N of the stream junction. Beelined SE through the green, missed too far to the NE and then followed the line of runners back to the flag. And so I was dropped.
4. (3) Intended to go right of the big cliff. When I got there with Mark and Tim for some reason I changed my mind and went left. Tim looked at his map, said "ok, Big cliff. I think I'll go right" which they did. They beat me. I was expecting the control to be just down some steepness and I ran right over the lip and to the first big rock with impunity. I can see now that the contours make a sharp doohickey here and on the run it looks like the lines just continue straight across - thus the illusion. Anyways, I went behind the rock and came back out but Tim and Mark just stood on the lip. Tim wondered aloud if I had punched anything, but they were too smart to go down. We all climbed up to where we had seen people leaving.
5. (4) Contour.
6. (5) Straight to trail, then along trail to E to white slot. Down, through green, up trail to swamp, up re-entrant to green slot to big cliff to second spur, but it was on the 1st spur. I think I may have stepped on it as I went by. Anyways, wasted a min or two screwing around here. Saw Tim's yellow shirt to the SE just as I turned uphill to punch.
7. (6) Off clearing behind building. Cliff cliff, spur spur bag. Finally a good approach.
8. (7) Ran top of spur. Saw big bare rock, stonewall end, then just aimed downhill.
9. (8) Bill Shannon tells me I'm ~8 mins back. Wonderful. I try to pick it up on the trail. See who I think is Pavlina just ahead while climbing, but its Sam.
10. (9) Left around pond. I take one step towards the gap about halfway through the campground but decide I'm already comitted. Run the beach right along the shore where the sand is firm. In P2 I see some hic in overalls running along and it turns out to be JJ. I go up at the toll house.
11. (aid) Boris is here. Blown ankle. He says I'm about 3 mins back of the last pack. I saw Alan there when I popped out of the woods, so I suppose that is who Boris is refering to. I have a blister on my left foot.
12. (10) I eat 4 cookies and leave the aid stop in the wrong direction - back towards #9. Samantha passes going towards the aid station. I finaly figure out my blunder. I'm too embarrased to do the right thing and go straight back to the aid station, so I cut in the woods (off the map) and try to diagonal back to Lake Welch drive. Its thick. I get tangled up, stop to take a leak and then get back on the road. Run all the way to the trail (at Jphnsontown rd) and walk up the hill. Attack from big boulder. See Sam leaving. Wow, she just kicked my ass on this leg. I didn't see the trail to the right until you guys pointed it out here on Attackpoint.
13. (11) Sam went straight back to the trail and I tried my luck with straight. stupid, stupid stupid. Bailed back out to the trail. Now with Jim Eagleton. I'm walking. try a little jog. Totally dejected.
14. (12) Nice woods finally. I try some running. Through the saddle then see Sam punch.
15. (13) I hug the marsh while the others go a little higher. Things make sense so I go faster, hit the stone wall and spike it. Good.
16. (14) Pick up speed. On the line through the marsh, up RH reentrant, then fumble around among the hilltops. Finally Florin? leads me in.
17. (15) Up over the hilltop, saddle saddle, left of green. Florin? gets tangled in the green at the end
18. (16) Left, through the gap, spike.
19. (17) End of stonewall, then down reeantrant. Slightly past and had to come back. Hear Florin?s footsteps not far back.
20. (18) On the line.
21. (19) Down the white slot on the line.
22. (20) to yellow clearing, down stream to big marsh, climbed stony re-entrant, then along stonewall, across trail at cliff, then straight. See Alan and Dave punching just ahead of me.
23. (21) Down into reentrant, trying desperately to make ground on Alan and Dave and Daniel. Catch them about 2/3 of the way there when Alan stops to take a leak - grinning at me as I go by. "Where the hell did you come from?" he says. Then he tried to distract me by asking for my chili recipie. I get through "onions and peppers" before I realize what he is up to and then I try to dust them.
24. (22) Right through yellow. Mucked around for a while. Went out to big field corner and came back in to see Alan bee-lining up the spur to it with the two others in tow.
25. (23) They all head out into the field. I take the woods on the line and get in ahead of them.
26. (aid) Sprint through the parking lot to try and escape. Seem to be moving ok now, even though I'm still grouchy about all my errors. Suprised to see Erin at the aid station. I had been thinking at the previous aid stop that I would bail out to the road at 15 and call it quits, but there was no easy way out to the road there, so kept going. When I caught up to Alan's group I got some motivation, and got a little more at the aid station. Took a nasty berry goop thingy and spilled water all over myself...nearly drowned.
27. (map) Feel naked without a map in my hand.
28. (24) Start off the wrong way into the field. Stimble through the ditch and get soaked, then through the green and finally make it to the road that was 2 steps away from the map box. Ugh. Road and trail to the right. Pass Wyatt about halfway there and chat about leg pain. Between the yellow hilltops - a little right but not too bad. Proud of myself for planning all the remaining routes while running on the trail.
29. (25) Thought the feature was a noll. Hit the correct one but no bag. Ran N along the spur then read the clue and went back. All the while listening for Wyatt's footsteps.
30. (26) On the line.
31. (27) See Declan on the way out. He is headed back south to the control. Along cliffs to trail, trail past big cliff to bend a blue marsh. Handrail on blue marsh, to yellow marsh to big grey.
32. (28) Left into reentrant. See Nadim here headed back to 27. Up reentrant to saddle, then down reentrant to trail at lake. See the Japanese hikers on the trail at the lake cliff. They clap. I run faster. Hurting on trail All the way to the white trickle, then read clifs through the slot.
33. (29) On the line to the big trail. Pass a big group of hikers on the small trail. They look at me like I'm from outer space. Then someone asks if I'm orienteering. I say yes. Just over the hill from the trail one poor hiker is using the bathroom. I just keep running past :) From point of marsh I go slightly left around big hill.
34. (30) Bomb down to road, cross bridge past Alan's 2nd-to-last from the spring A-meet.
F. (f) So a very fast last loop on the trails. I had saved plenty of steam by walking the middle part, so had some to spare I guess. All in all, a very poor performance on my part. No concentration whatsoever. Feeling very dejected.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

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