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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander IX: Highlander


1. (sprint) With no training to speak of recently and after last years horrible fade on the last map my plan is to go out easy and slow down as necessary. Still I cannot just sit back and let everyone run away on the road so try for a comfortable pace in the middle of the pack. Just behind Samatha and ahead of JJ at the maps.
2. (1) Plenty of company at the start of the leg as we cut in from the clearing. It thins out a bit as Mark Cornish and I drift a bit right. JJ and others are more to the left. Still a nice pack as I think JJ leads us into the control.
3. (2) See several people heading toward 1 from the direction of 2 among them Peggy. Wonder if they took the road and trail around. We go to left of the cliffs and I think JJ is still leading. The pace is to much for me and I have already dropped back.
4. +01:30(3) Mark Cornick and I beleive Phil Bricker are with me and the others off ahead. See Eddie B comming back toward 2. He catches us just before the cliffs then goes around to the left. We go left and meet just W of the control. Follow Eddie blindly which is a mistake as we go the the rocks and cliffs south of the control. I had seen others leaving the control earlier but had not seen the bag an thought they were on the way to #4.
5. (4) Eddie is gone in a flash. Just Mark, Phil and I
6. +00:30(5) I end up leading thru the green. I can usually find a path thru spotty green like this. Hit the trail right next to the stream surprising even me. A bit worried that we do not see anyone else along the leg. Along the edge of the clearing and marsh and into the vicinity of the control. Hesitate a bit before realizing we have one more patch of green to go.
7. +05:00(6) Mark and I take the low route and Phil goes high. Looking at the map (and the splits) we should have gone up as well. Angle down to the trail, cut off at the bend and attack from the semi open W of the control. This green is not very open and we make poor time and direction leaving the clearing. End up low and have to wander around searching.
8. +02:00(7) Looking a the map now; I'm not sure what we were thinking. Sick of green we crash NE down to the road. Wasn't that bad but we could have easily just run S of the direct line and missed the green. At the time we wonder why we do not see anyone. Apparently because they all took good routes and passed us.
9. (8) Trail then a bearing from the jct. I am getting tired and have no speed on the uphill.
10. +02:00(9) Assume Beaver Pond is uncrossible so go WNW to campground then cross the stream near E end. In sight of the bathrooms at the campground so I decide to stop. Suprised that Mark waits. 2 minutes. Cross parking lot to W end and take the road all the way to the entrance kiosk before cutting up to control. My feet are hurting quite a bit after all this road running. Wearing my studs O shoes. Have a change of shoes waiting but it is at the 2nd aide station not the first one.
11. (aid) Follow streamers and road. Usually do not drink enough so forced myselft to tank up. Drank all of my quart of ERG plus a cup of Gatorade? Ate a Gu, took two asprin and cookie for the road. Did not take a split for the time spent here. Probably 2 minutes which is included in next leg. Finally see some people as one person is in the aid station as we arrive and Pavlina comes in as we leave.
12. (10) Road to just before the marsh then cut the corner to the trail. The guy in front of us had cut in a the clearing, Pavlina is behind us on the road but we do not see her again. Attack from stone walls S of control.
13. +05:00I do not recall even seeing the trail option and we head off in a straight line thru the green. Found a way thru but regretting it most of the way as it was very thick and slow going. Hit the marsh and semi open marsh on the way as expected so knew where we were. Came out just SW of control but did not see it so skirted the green over to the reentrant SW. (11) Had to come all the way back. Meanwhile a group slips by us and we catch a glimpse of them on the way to 12.
14. (12) W up the line of knolls, then around the rocky reentrant on the left side. Catch an occasional glimpse of someone ahead.
15. (13) Straight then attack from end of stone wall. Still just Mark and I and a flash of red ahead.
16. +00:30(14) I had hoped to be in a bigger pack when we hit these short legs but we cannot seem to close the gap on those ahead. Possibly because they are a bigger pack and can go with more confidence. Get a little off the left in the stone walls just past the marsh. Hesitate in the circle when control not immediately obvious. One last glimpse of someone ahead but this is last time.
17. (15) Along the edge of the green the out the spur and knoll. Contour around on the S side. Do not see anyone ahead, maybe we passed them.
18. (16) South of first marsh, S of green patch then thru the gap
19. (17) Straight
20. +01:30(18) Wondered if we would see anyone going to 19. We did not. Pretty much straight but lost a bunch of time by stopping short.
21. +00:30(19) Straight. Came out on SW of bare rocks and had to cross over.
22. (20) Went NW directly to road passing just left of the marsh. These road options may not be a good idea. I am so tired I get little additional speed on the road and the extra distance may be hurting us. Mark is having to wait for me. Last uphill part from road very slow. My legs are in the pre cramping stage so I am very careful.
23. (21) Drop down then straight. Some trouble in the circle. Know we are in the right place but do not see the bag. I am above the cliff and can see the streamers dead end but not the control.
24. +01:30(22) Get misplaced in the weird contours. (Think it will be like this in WI) We can see the clearing and decide if it is not where we are standing it must be over there. Look over there and there it is.
25. (23) S to trail and in from crappy clearing.
26. (aid) Mark stops at his car to change shoes while I go on to aid station to start drinking. Only Will has finished. Decide to stay with current shoes since feet have not gotten worse and will probably cramp while trying to get them changed. Drink most of my ERG, and a cup of Gatorade. Eat a GU, orange slice and Ibuprofen. Hope this will be enough to get me thru without cramping. Also hope last loop will be short and easy. Will dashes my hopes by flashing his map showing the hugh leg.
27. (map) About 2 minutes at aid station and Mark and I head out. Time for me to slow down and clear that I can not keep his pace. See Leif and then FF? coming in.
28. +09:00(24) Spend a long time thinking before heading out on trail along Lake Sebago. I cannot run over any of the rocks so making poor time at first. Make Mark take the lead since I will work harder if chasing. Encourage him to leave me but he slows and waits each time I drop back. Passed by someone who cruises by but stops to look at the map so often he does not get away. He wins in the end as we pass him and run past our trail jct just after the fold in the map. Get up to the low spot and realize our mistake. Come back and miss the jct again cutting in at the indistinct trail. When it dies we realize this mistake and go thru the woods to the correct trail and stream. Trails do not line up quite as expected and we miss another turn and run off the fold of the map again. Finally attack from trail bend S of control and come in thru the cliffs. Right thigh cramps in the final approach. An hour to get here so at least that amout to return. Not looking forward to the rest of the course.
29. (25) Stretch the cramp out but very slow going on a short leg. The low brush in the clearings is not what I needed.
30. (26) N side of marsh by tip of green. Hit trail further S than we thought and went around S part of spur. Other thigh started to cramp while climbing. Right into the control.
31. (27) As we were leaving another group was coming in. Mark saw Mike Ball amoung them. Started along line of cliffs then cut toward trail just before the green. Someone passed us on the trail and Sharon Crawford popped out just in front of us having followed the line of cliffs the whole way. I could barely keep up with Sharon and let her lead us thru the trails to approach the control along the thin marsh SW of control.
32. (28) Followed Sharon out E but when she went straight across the trail, Mark and I took it N then followed it all the way past Parker Swamp. Mark is doing almost as much waiting for me as running. Cut the corner at the swamps W of Black Ash. Surprised when Sharon appeared on the trail just ahead of us. Cut in at the trickle S of the control and followed the cliffs in.
33. (29) Both thighs cramped again so I told Mark to stop waiting for me since I would probably have to walk the rest. He took off and was soon out of sight. Sharon, however was just close enough for me to hope to catch her. I could see her ahead as I crossed the powerline and then again on the trail. Left the trail when it crossed the stream and then along the edge of the clearing. Sharon was on the hill as I started up and still in sight as I went down the gap in the cliffs to the control.
34. (30) Left of the line to miss the crappy stuff by the powerline and hit the trail earlier. Did not go far enough left and hit the other powerline and its crappy stuff. Sharon not in sight anymore. Crossed the bridge by the map pickup and jogged on in.
F. (Fin) No one in sight behind me so hobbled in 39th place I think. Wished I could have maintained a better pace on the last map and feel guilty about holding Mark back, but overall a faily successful run.

Total Time Lost - 00:29:00

Split Analysis

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