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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander IX: Highlander


1. Just trying to set a steady pace, I ended-up by myself with groups in front and behind. Though going alone early is not a good thing, I was confident that if I made an error, there would be others along soon enough. When climbing, I stayed on the road but used the shoulder on the flats so as not to let the spikes bruise my feet.
2. +02:00I saw some of the people ahead go left. I didn't see the trail option but planned to use the ridge line and marsh to read my way across. I got too far left and was getting stuck in the mountain laurel. As I climbed a small wide knoll I knew just where I was. I decided it would be better to cut back right to get into the clear. When I finally broke through, JJ, D. Schaublin and others were coming across the hillside and I joined-in. Running along, I lost my place but recognized the bulge ahead as the control location.
3. I went high to avoid climb and saw Peggy coming back toward #1. Going slower and having the pack to bolster confidence, I read the spur in front of the reentrant to home-in.
4. I just contoured across and noted the big features. A little shakey with the attack, many others converging identified it.
5. I stayed high to the right. It didn't seem to make much difference in place but I expended less energy.
6. I started high and more to the left of most others. At one point it seemed JJ and D. Schaublin split right and left respectively. I went left with Daniel again wanting to stay high as long as possible to avoid climb. Eventually Daniel cut right then later, as I was losing ground when they were going downhill, I cut in behind. Across the road, we cut left, then right up to the large diagonal cliff and walked along it to the top. Daniel was instrumental again in getting near. I was reading behind so when he paused, I went ahead to get to the control ahead of most if not all of the group.
7. I ran out of #5 to the green then stopped. Nervous to go the low route, I decided to go high just about when the others caught up. I lead across most of the ridge (good terrain for running) then let gravity carry me down the trail and road ahead of others. My attack was a little left but I followed the bend of the ridge to the control. About the same time, Dave Onkst and Wyatt Riley came in.
8. Wyatt took off fast, right of the line with Dave O. on his heels and me behind. I wasn't sure where Dave had been but later found that he had just recovered from an error.
9. +00:30Wyatt stopped on the road to tie his shoes. I went on with Dave Onkst right behind. We took trails to the reentrant SE of the control and walked up. Patrick Shannon caught up around here. We were a little left before correcting right to the control.
10. We used a trail to the campground area. There we found Boris G., stopped but starting again--he had twisteded an ankle. Across the parking lot, Boris, Dave and Patrick went right while I hugged the shore of the lake closer, on the pavement. I merged back to the road just ahead of Boris and someone else. I didn't cut in until the fee booth, wanting to maximize the road run and make a clear attack. Boris and Patrick (?) angled up more gradually but I think I got there ahead of them.
11. Happy about loop 1 going so smooth, Patrick and I got into the exchange just about together. I never found my packet but drank Gatorade, had a fig and a bannana half.
12. +00:30Patrick got out quicker than I. I thought about going left on the road but the trail got to a closer attack point. I took off and cut the corner to the trail a little. I caught Patrick near the ridge on our right and stayed in step. He offered to let me pass but I declined not wanting to push much yet. Suddenly, I saw Randy running the opposite direction on the trail. He looked like he was in a hurry. I didn't know why and thought something was wrong like he had a bad map. As the trail bent, Patrick stopped. I almost would have gone on distracted by Randy but Patrick pointed out that we had just passed the two boulders. We cut across but got high. I could make out the large boulder due S of the control and figured we had also gotten a bit past the control. By this time, Patrick pointed out that we were too high and lead in to it.
13. +00:30Patrick lead back to the trail but I think we angled too much--it was hard to tell in the mountain laurel. We cut left and again at the next intersection. We took the trail to the stony ground then followed that in to the knoll. I would have erred here, hunting too high but Patrick figured out first that we needed to go low to where it was.
14. +00:15We went a little left of the line, then realized it at the end of the reentrant with stoney ground to hook in.
15. Patrick went high on the ridge. I stayed low along the marsh then picked my way across the stoney ground. I heard someone coming from behind. Patrick came off the ridge ahead of me a bit and lead in.
16. #13-#14. I went straight and was getting nervous reading the knolls. At a stone wall remnant, I was a bit unsure which piece I had found. It turned out that Leif Anderson was behind me going to #13. He and Patrick lead straight on then cut right a little at the end. I got there 3rd.
17. Leif took off up the hill then along the ridge and around the green to hook in. It was much easier to read along while he did it than I would have done on my own.
18. Lief lead again with Patrick and myself in-tow. We cut through between the yellow marshes where there was a line of boulders. I started to feel some muscle cramps and was surprised at how soon in the race that they'd arrived.
19. #16-#17. It was a straight shot. I just tried not to lose contact.
20. #16-#18. Leif set a quick pace again. He got a few steps on us in the mountain laurel and climbing on the left side of the knoll. We just followed the knoll until it started dropping again.
21. +00:45Leif took off quick. Patrick lost sight of him in the mountain laurel and got a bit to the left. I looked at the rocks to my right but wasn't sure. Not having pace counted I did'nt yet realize I hadn't gone far enough. Patrick first looked left. I went right but went on the wrong (east) side of the rocks. Patrick came up over them and we both got there aobut the same time.
22. I thought we should take the road but starting off I lead and tried to run where the footing was best. I soon realized I the marsh was already on my right and stopped. Patrick confirmed. We abandoned the road route idea and pushed on with marsh on our right and thick green on our left. Coming up the hill and crossing the trail, Patrick went high. I climbed more gradually, saw it and got there first.
23. #20-#21 I lead out and wanted to stay high. We got to the walls east and above the control, then dropped down right on it.
24. I lead out down the streamered route. At the road, I had assumed the streamers would continue but Patrick said "were on our own." I came down the knoll and found the break into the open areas. I kept pulling right and Patrick kept pulling left. He pointed out that the pond was close but I think there was some extra water. We started getting more frantic searching having lost our precise location and knowing it was near; then I noticed the curving ridge on my right and spotted the control.
25. #22-#23. Out to the trail, I lead to the open area and cut left to the control.
26. #23-Aid Station. Patrick and I set a good pace. I found my aids--Gatorade (drank the whole thing), Cliff bar and Gu. I shoved.
27. Aid Station - Map Exchange. I left with bannana and a fig mixing flavors in my mouth...

Total Time Lost - 00:04:30

Split Analysis

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