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Race Evaluation

DVOA: Harriman A Meet: Blue


1. This was an embarrasing race for me. Stupid stupid stupid. Nice long legs on this course through really detailed stuff - truly awesome. Too bad I did so poorly. Overran #1, had to come back to it.
3. Right, then across wet swamp just below green.
5. Missed. Distracted myself by talking to a cadet about the previous control as I was exiting. I should know better than this. Pace pace pace. Where was my brain. Anyways, ran past this and putzed around below it. Once I finally got there it looked nothing like what I was visualizing - a reentrant between two bare rocks with cliff either side. It was a shallow, grassy re-entrant. So at *least* I was visualizing something, but on such a short leg, pace and steepness should have caught me sooner. No more talking in the forest (except to myself). Ken Sr. even ran by and told me I looked like an idiot standing still looking at my map :) I deserved that.
8. Back out to trail, up big re-entrant to saddle, then left.
9. High indistinct trail to the right, then gradual climb along cliff line below large bare hilltop, attck from "v" cliff
10. Intended to go just below green, then diagonal below yellow cliffs, but got too low early. Saw the road and it was downhill, so I drifted down there and ran the road. Passed jj going the other way. Went up the re-entrant just E of #11, then missed low and left and screwed around for a while trying to figure it out. What a mess. Saw Leif leaving 11 on my way in to 10. Knew he was really kicking my butt since he started well after me.
11. Too far left. Saw the giant rock on the hill to my right.
12. Back out to the road. Attacked up a cliff line, Turned up at the right time but not positive where I was. Missed below it and went way passed before circling around to find the yellow marsh and big cliffs. The climb from the road was brutal.
13. ~On the line for 1/3 of the way, then took the ride down to the road. Came through a red course control on my way in, knew exactly which cliff it was on. Took water there as I was dying of thirst. Then proceeded to attack 45 degrees off the bearing. Relocate on the marsh. What was I thinking? Tired and brain-dead at this point.
F. Ran legs 8 and 9 very well, but 10, 12 and 13 I did poorly. They were all pretty awesome legs.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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