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Race Evaluation

QOC: McKeldin: Blue


1. Down the reentrant on the left side to reduce climb to the knoll
2. I changed plans as I went making an S-curve. I abandonded the trail at the curve to use the reentrant to get to the road, cut right then cut left to another trail to avoid climb on the road. It wasn't efficient and probably lost me 30 seconds based on other's splits.
3. Through the field and attacking off the parking lot and trail. On the way down, I twisted my ankle pretty good.
4. Contoured across mostly on a deer trail but ended up pretty high once to the rocks.
5. +02:00Contoured to the ridge, down then up over the knoll. I didn't see the pit. I should have read the control description before I got close. I found an unmapped depression and wondered if the control had been stolen. I wandered going close to the shoreline twice before coming up away from it enough to see it.
6. Straight.
7. +00:05Over then up to the saddle and the trail. Once to where the trail ended in a pile of sticks, I contoured. I saw Valerie and Darcy near where I thought it was but checked one rock prior to reaching that point to be sure.
8. Up to the trail then cutting right after passing Valerie and Darcy and the stream. When approaching I went on the left side and still didn't see it until the last moment. I punched my card, drank two glasses then took my split time.
9. Straight over but a little tentative in the grassy reentrant.
10. I started down then cut too sharply up and left to the ridge trail. I spiked it but it turned out that the low longer route was faster probably due to better footing and no climb.
11. Up to the trail bend then down the trail. Along the way I passed Darcy and Valerie again going the other way.
12. +00:40Going down the trail I didn't count the rocks. I also misread the control description reading #13 between the cliff and rock, instead of #12 cliff. As a result I cut up too early to check a rock then had to come back to the trail. At the end I could clearly see the control from the trail.
13. Straight there.
14. Along the river until the reentrant at the river bend. Trails the rest of the way. I figured I was close to the end so I didn't stop to drink.
15. Glancing ahead, I decided going around was better than going up 140ft. in 180m and back down 60ft the next 100m. I was wrong. Going left I got stuck in the cliffs. After finally making my way around I attacked off the cliff due south of the control. I guess I lost about 1:45.
16. Left to the trail. I was much closer than mapped. Instead of going through the first field I used the road. I plunged in to the second with the tall grass. I was tentative finding a lone tree on the edge of the forest.
17. +00:20Leaving #16 I saw John Torrance coming across the field to #16. I didn't know then how far behind he started (15:00). I panicked and after getting to the road and trying to read the subtle curves. I cut in too early having to cross the first reentrant and staying in the woods to the second.
F. Last week, the start/finish had been moved when I was out running. I read the map which showed the finish in the parking lot, not where we started to the right of the parking lot. This lead me to take the road then cut right. I saw Peggy at the registration table where the finish would have been before going to the correct table.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:05

Split Analysis

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