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Race Evaluation

2010 US Team Trials for WOC: Red Sprint


1. Hadn't read enough to see that the control was in the field, thought the cliff was in the woods, but went straight there anyway.
3. Hesitated at the men's control, and then took a while to get down the open rock face.
7. I'm slow over rocky ground, but the nav was clean.
9. Went low on the trail, fast running but the upper route was probably better. Didn't see it.
10. Going a little slower just to read, but moving.
12. Did some hiking up the hill.
13. Took the low route under the two boobs of stony ground (they were quite clear), but was slow picking my way through the green spiny things.
14. Bombed down the hill, knowing I was almost done, thinking about the finish.
15. Whoops. Didn't go.
F. 9s finish split (clock must be wrong...).

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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