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Race Evaluation

WCOC / US Team A-Meet/WRE: Blue Day 1: Middle


1. Cautious trip to the first control with an introduction to the nasty rocky areas halfway there.
2. A couple of big boulders allowed for easy bearing verification.
3. Just slowness in the rocks.
4. Had to cross the rocks again.
5. +00:20Tried to go straight, but wound up at the wrong boulder first
6. +00:20Took the trails all the way to the last junction before the flag, but missed it right.
7. +00:20Angled over to the trail and left it just after the stone wall (that I was expecting to be a trail). nate caught me just before we left the trail and I tried to stay close as I saw he was on the same bearing. We hit the rocky ground and he didn't really slow down, so I decided to try to push through, but sure enough, I lost my balance and crashed. No serious damage but it was very disruptive
8. +00:15Tried to angle left of the line, but drifted right and got to the trail late (and via the hilltop). Stayed on the trail as long as possible, but still missed the flag by the radius of the circle
9. Good line, but slow going, due to my lack of flexibility and my rock slowness.
10. Decided to drift way right to use the big trail. Stayed on trail most of the way up the hill on the small trail.
11. I guess I overshot the flag before I did some wandering left and right. Eventually found myself near a streamered trail and figured out just how past the control I was.
12. I have no idea what led to this major screwup, but I was following my bearing closely and pace counting and most of the way there things stopped making sense. So, I ended up doing some wandering and found myself within site of the OB building and then turned back and found a White control that Rob was visiting. I now realize what must have happened. I thought I had set my bearing to C12 before arriving at C11, but I hadn't really.
13. Spent this leg being too sad about blowing the last two (especially the last one so badly).
14. Left of the rocks, then right of the hilltop.
15. +00:15Crossed the trail close to the line, but thought I was led (mistook the clearing that I saw), so I angled right and saw the pond to recover.
16. Straight, no map reading, but lucky.
F. +00:10Ignored the streamers and pulled a 180.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:40

Split Analysis

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