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Race Evaluation

HVO: Harriman: Red

Tom O

1. Many people seemed to be going right, but I went left to try to use the white woods. Aimed a little right on approach and hit it with no problem.
2. Walked the hill.
3. Have thought a lot about this one - the key to the race in my mind. Was being careful, skirting the left of the marsh then compass/pace. Map seemed off in here. Wish this control had been placed in the white woods.
4. Mental meltdown after the error on 3. Planned to use the stream valley/marsh on right. Angled off too far right and went one stream valley too far. A bad parallel error. Ended up using the small trails to get back to the large marsh (my intended attack point)
5. Pretty clean from here on out - just being careful to avoid any more big mistakes.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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