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Race Evaluation

HVO: Harriman: Red


1. What was I doing? Everything was going fine, then I got a bit too far south, and didn't know where I was. Saw a marsh, and correctly guessed that it was the uncrossable one 200 m S of the control, but then I went up the reentrant SE of the control instead of the correct one. Spotted a control on a cliff, stopped and thought about what cliff it might be, figured out where I was, and went directly to the control. Sheesh!
3. Got to about 75 m NE of teh control with no trouble, but then it took a long time to drag myself through the blueberries to the boulder.
4. Went more or less straight, but there was an awful lot of slow green. Should have gone around on trails to the right, but it didn't even occur to me at the time.
5. Blasted down the hill, neve saw any trails, wound up about 75 m S of the control, and figured out where I was when I saw the depression, but I wasn't able to convince myself very quickly.
8. Used the trail, but kind of overdid it a little, and came into the control from the east.
9. What was this all about? With all this nice terrain, why put a control in here? And a water stop no less! Trudged my way to the circle with no trouble, then had to climb up on a small unmapped boulder in order to see over the bushes and see the boulder that the control was on, 10 m away. And then had to figure out how to get to it.
10. Just below the dam.
11. Wheee!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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