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Race Evaluation

WCOC / US Team A-Meet/WRE: Green X Day 1: Middle


1. st but got to left of where i thot I was - saw open area to right, bit confused - another runner converging on where i thot cliff should be & it was
2. pretty much on line with knoll halfway w/ boulder on top as marker
3. confusing contours but st & slow toward base of steepness - spotted bldr in small reentrant about 75m before
4. took 1st path to L to jct & went st fm there picking way across walls, ignoring trails - R around on path not even noted
5. S to path, thru water stop to T jct, right looking for small path - did not see so st compass - noted rockface 1/2 way up & read rest of way
6. N along contour, then E just N of marsh, reading rockfaces, going between 2 bigger ones just W of point
7. a little to L of line, straight
8. down reentrant, st
9. due S to marsh but green caused me to go higher - got into big reentrant, took it to where stream met open marsh, over that spur, around next marsh and E around spur
10. straight, noted control on rockface
11. straight, time to miss a control, esp in green at end - was careful
F. run in where I found the only bit of blood-drawing vegetation for the course

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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