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Race Evaluation

2017 Australian 3 Days: Day1 Course 8


1. P D P R +00:10Checked a control before mine
2. P D P R Good picture
3. P D P R Maybe a bit wide? Safe though
4. P D P R Good compass
5. P D P R First fastest split.. Good contouring
6. P D P R Due North always helps
7. P D R Fastest split. Didn't quite recognise the right patch of wood at the end, but picked it.
8. P D P R Too far left, but safe.
9. P D P R This was a good one; fastest.
10. P D P R Slow uphill, but still fastest. At this stage nearly 4 minutes up on second place Ted VG.
11. P D P R Good
12. P D P R Slow up hill? Ted takes 20 seconds.
13. P D P R +09:30Mega fail. Roughed it to within 10m, but hadn't got into the map and got distracted by a flag to the right. THen couldn't locate that - or anything else. Also failed to get it cleanly on two other approaches from known points.
14. P D P R +00:10Rattled. Sloppy at the end.
15. P D P R OK
16. P D P R OK

Total Time Lost - 00:09:50

Split Analysis

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