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Race Evaluation

CSU Spring Training Camp #2: Middle


2. Went too far right, to the dot knoll instead of the hill.
3. I'm slow up hills. And I spent some time searching all the dot knolls in the circle for the right one.
4. Went to the wrong cliff.
5. Had to sort of loop around the cliff.
6. Could see the hill while coming down the hill.
7. Passed by Erin and Joe, sort of followed them and they went too far down the hill. Should have done my own thing, duh.
8. Trying to catch back up to Joe, Marie, and Erin.
9. Reentrant was further than I thought it would be. Lots of people around, trying to ignore them.
10. Caught back up to Erin and Marie, with Joe.
11. Following (in my defense, they took my planned route) Joe, Marie, and Erin - couldn't keep up anymore.
12. Slowing down.
13. Hesitant, kept thinking I was there but I wasn't yet.
14. Slow moving through the dead trees and stuff. Thought I was there before I was.
15. Overshot, badly.
19. Wanted to take the trail but it was shitty, that wasted time, and then I was super slow across the rocks.
F. Very hesitant, hadn't read ahead at all and wasn't sure where to go at first.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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