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Race Evaluation

WCOC A-Meet Day 2: Red Day 2


1. moderate pace through the muck let Kseniya take the lead
2. up and along the ridge, down and back upstay to the right of the top
3. rough compass, make sure I skirt the green, saw the boulder from a ways out
4. rough compass, cross the flat hilltop diagonally, in from the saddle
5. +01:15climbed too much, wandered right, didn't see small trail, saw SZ on large trail
6. decided to go up and to right of line, followed small trail for a bit, hit stone wall at corner, followed small trail, counted wet spots, saw others around control
7. Glen T ahead of me (thought is was Pete Bundschuh for a while)
8. aimed for left of swamp, stayed low, then went up at the last bit
9. still behind GT, but closing, hit trail by gate, straight in
10. some real junk coming out of the control, still behind GT, got pulled to right
11. went left of line, better to have gone right and stayed low at first, just a slow slow diagonally up the hill
12. Bad distance judgement
running with GT, hit trail right by end of stone wall, ignored pace count, stayed too high, overran a couple hundred meters, went back low
13. frustrated, slightly ahead of GT
14. trying to push up the slope, but my legs had other ideas, keep jun on my right, saw boulders from a ways out
15. No attack point
Bad map reading
Could not relocate
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
down through rocky marsh, into stonewall area, just to right of water hole, hit trail, rough compass, got into scrub and sudenly realized I had completely lost contact with the map, thought I was too far right, wandered aimlessly for a bit, hit trail N of 16 ran it back a ways, looped around and attacked from hilltop S of control
16. With Daniel Schaublin, stay left of 1st knoll, cross at saddle and in
17. +01:30wandered right and overshot
18. can't keep up with DS, getting frustrated
19. still have glimpses of DS, but losing him
20. +00:20hit trail to lef tof control, went further left, pulled by wrong control
21. uninspired run in

Total Time Lost - 00:14:05

Split Analysis

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