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Race Evaluation

U.S. Championships: Red X (day 2)


1. ran trail picked up cliff and in. Never saw smaller trail.
2. took left route basically -- ran left trail around out of bounds area across stream and picked up trail run going NE to the small swamp. Cut in here, reentrant, saddle, lake, edge of green, strong hill, cliff complex as collecting feature, spike
3. handrailed base of twin hilled ridge on right
4. left staying high, picked up stone wall on big spur. Trickle to stream to strong reentrant, contoured up and around attacking off larger patch of green
5. careful here, counting hills
6. pick up swamp and in
7. straight, swamp, stay high, use green then small lake to attack. Saw Eddie here.
8. left route -- picked up big swamp, ran left side then picked up stone wall and then large cliff
9. beautiful woods
10. contour around, pick up strong reentrant and read cliffs and green. Tenative here perhaps
11. cross cliffs use patch of green
12. left of swamp contour around
F. beautiful woods, beautiful map, beautiful event, thx to the organisers

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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