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Race Evaluation

WCOC A-Meet Day 2: Red Day 2


2. Out the high ground W of the pond. Above the rocks, cross the stream and ran up the spur. Already to tired to run the uphills. Surprised to see Ross leaving the control.
3. Apparently I had some trouble with my watch and stopped it at some point instead of taking a split. Thanks to seeing Ted at #5 I think I got them sorted out. Came as a rude surprise to be posted at 79 when I thought I done a 72. Ran hard to try and stay with Ross but could not keep up. No problem with control but Ross ran away.
4. +00:30Confused a bit by the ATV trails and got a bit left but could see the big rock. Saw Ted punching off to the SW.
5. Straight. Common control with Blue and I was right behind Ted at the punch.
6. +00:30Common leg with Blue but I could not stay with Ted. Up thru rocks, over to small trail, thru marsh to larger trail. Ted gone at this point. Trail around to E side of pond. Saw JJ on way to 15. Straight from here looking for the rocks before the bag after crossing the last marsh. A bit south but saw the stone wall to the right and veered in.
7. Straight
8. Went to far S to miss marsh. Might as well have taken the trail and come in thru the saddle. Contoured low around marsh and came in from below. Did not seem like a good route.
9. Straight.
10. +01:30Started straight but then decided to follow the stream around. Cut off to soon. (see now that I should have gone down a few contours first) and ended up wasting time in the wet area SE of the control. Saw Ted on his way out and a short time later Eddie.
11. +03:00Not sure what went wrong here. Was there an extra trail? Ended up way high and eventually came in from the trail E of the control
12. +00:40Straight, but staying left to preserve elevation. Missed bag at end and had to run N.
13. Straight, trying to run down a cadet. Might be the one I passed at 9.
14. Straight, taking the trail NE to bend. No speed on the uphill but did pass the cadet.
15. +02:30Had a bonus split of 1:28 which I added to this leg since I know I botched it. Ran to pond then trail, stone wall. Attacked from near 3 but rocks were not as I expected. Passed S of the control and wasted time going to the wrong one. Caught by the cadet and joined by another.
16. +00:45Think the company will keep my speed up on these short legs but instead I am distracted and miss the bag again.
17. Straight
18. +00:40Confused by the wet area and stop short before continuing on
19. Finally get my act together and drop the cadets.
20. +00:45To clearing corner, then stop thinking and take the trail and go wrong way at the junction. Recover quickly but not before the cadets pass me back.
21. They take off. Run hard but cannot catch them.
F. Stop watch at finish and think I have 72+. Apparently hit the button later since I find it running and have no finish split. Just made this time up but it seems to make my finish time come out ok.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:50

Split Analysis

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