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Race Evaluation

WCOC A-Meet Day 2: Red Day 2


1. +00:05Pretty crummy run. Very sloppy. Managed to lose some time on the first (streamered) leg because I couldn't see the pin flags, and got stymied about halfway along.
2. +03:00Not paying close enough attention and got onto the major spur to the west of the control; was about 100 m S of #18 when I corrected. Also had to stop and remove my shoe to get a thorn out of my toe.
3. +01:30Drifted right, found the trail (which was pretty distinct, and wound up at the large boulder 150 NE of the control before giving myself a dope slap.
4. Okay, I'm with the program now.
5. Via the trail junction -- passed Eric Rudberg (I think) and never saw him again. Michael Durham was on his way out of the control, back uphill to the trail, as was heading down to it.
6. A couple of hundred meters left of the line for the first half, on trails som of the time, then up the stony reentrant and straight in. MD appeared about 2/3 of the way along. And at one point I had deer (heading right) and turkeys (heading left) up ahead of me at the same time.
7. Very slightly off to the right.
8. +01:30Took off way too much to the left, influenced by MD, but a big red flag went off when I crossed the trail, and I relocated at the stone wall corner. Straight in from there, but overshot the control slightly.
10. +04:30Doh! Sort of lost contact 75% of the way there, then mistook the indistinct marsh for the stream. Ran back and forth a couple of times, alternately understanding where I was and losing the courage of my conviction. MD was at least as confused as I was, and we were brobably both negatively influenced by the other's presence. This should have been such an easy leg.
11. Alan Young on his way in as MD and I headed out.
12. Via the major trail junction, while MD went straighter. I don't think there was much time difference.
13. MD ahead of me, and Mihai (on Blue) up ahead of him, moving faster than we could.
15. Right of the line, through the big trail bend and close enough to #3 to see it.
16. MD had been right on my tail up to this point, but I guess he ran out of gas -- AY said that when he ran by, Michael had dropped from a run to a stagger, and he lost 10 minutes from this point on. I basically nailed the rest of them at a pretty good clip, but it was too late for any glory.
18. As I was leaving #17, I heard footsteps, which I incorrectly guessed to be MD, and I heard someone call my name (turned out to be AY).
20. Alan caught up at this point and wound up a few seconds ahead at the end.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:35

Split Analysis

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