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Race Evaluation

WCOC A-Meet Day 2: Red Day 2


1. no glasses today either, wore myself out here on 1
3. +03:20got left using the green, seeing Ken Walker tells me I'm wrong, passed the wall and trail without noticing on the way out, no pace count - swinging from the wrong branch without looking at the cooberating features
4. Greg Walker goes by and seems to miss bag, but I'm not sure he is on my course
5. +01:20got left, went left, should have followed Greg
6. almost straight to trail bend 350m ssw of bag, arced right approaching from the s, got higher than I intended but it was navigationally easy
9. +00:15right
10. +00:20Charlie rolls by me, the bag, and disappears; hesitant
11. +01:40sse? up hill then sw across; Charlie and Mark Dominie are flopping around here looking for something "bigger"; knowing it is on a w slope, I actually have to find the bag, then I get to listen to ragging for the next hundred meters
13. Charlie and Mark finally get in front of me for good
16. Several F21's go by quickly here and on 17, including Kristin and Erin
21. could have used my glasses here
F. felt a lot quicker than Saturday, made more mistakes

Total Time Lost - 00:06:55

Split Analysis

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