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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XIV - U S Interscholastic Championship: Saturday Long - Blue


1. Should have used the trail curve as an attackpoint. Went through the green direct-to instead. Also was too attached to the fence handrail...could have just made my way to the trail alongside without running at half speed so long.
2. Did not plan ahead
Did not follow plan
Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Bad distance judgement
Lacked concentration
Huge gigantic error on this one. Honestly I don't even know how I ended up where I did. Certainly some parrallel errors were part of it, but something went wrong before that happenned to get to that point, somewhere between leaving a horsetrail intersection and venturing out across the light green. Still trying to figure out what I did. Whatever happenned, it cost me probably around 15-20 min and even worse cost on the energy as I had to go down and up several large hills, had to relocate, etc, etc. Paid for this the whole rest of the run!
4. Used wrong re-entrant on initial approach. Took a while to figure out what I did.
5. Easy
6. no prob
7. another spike
8. almost spiked it... but getting super tired at this point, mostly thanks to control #2
9. no prob
10. Fatigue told me to just stay on the trail
11. Nice run up the long erosion gulley pointing right to #11, worked out well.
14. At this point I was pretty much completely exhausted and felt nearly dead.
F. Finish at last.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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