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Race Evaluation

WCOC A-Meet Day 2: Red Day 2


1. Another miserable day in the woods - raining from the start, glasses went into the back pocket after the 2nd control. Perhaps contacts?
2. +00:20overshot a little bit, looked more like a boulder than a cliff to me, thought it was the boulder just S - got to second cliff, turned around and saw bag
3. +00:30couldn't see terrain, drifted down into green, corrected fairly quickly near the bottom
4. +16:00really screwed this one up. Not even sure where it went bad - other than I was running too fast considering I couldn't really see terrain that well - I think I spent most of my time on the hill about 500m east - finally got into the dual stonewalls and then moved on from there. Race was long gone, frustrated - thinking about DNFing...
5. slow and demoralized. Straight on bearing trying to pick out small close features.
6. +05:00Didn't want to risk trying to go straight - opted to take trails wide around to NW. Fell many times just trying to jog on the jeep road. following trail up N of 14 I was having trouble making out the trail itself, started following the blue blazes (easier to see) but toward the top of the hill there were a line of blue blazes headed N and roughed up ground besides - followed that - not a trail, but likely a property border. Eventually got over to the marsh - hoped I was at the right marsh, took a bearing and walked slowly up the hill. Wound up somewhere N of 6, but luckily a runner on 6-7 made me turn around and backtrack his route.
7. Since I was going to finish regardless, I decided to try a different approach to see if I could overcome the fact that I could not see terrain. From here on in I followed the straight line and looked 30m or so ahead, picked out a feature - usually a tree - that I could focus on and ran to that, repeat, repeat etc. Hit 7 ok - just not fast
8. straight on line, 30m at a time, cut N of cliffs (I could actually see those)
9. straight and clean (and really slow) on all remaining controls
21. +12:00Probably another 10-12 minutes on slow blind pace.
F. Max HR 197 on run in. Can't be right - I ran hard but that's too high

Total Time Lost - 00:33:50

Split Analysis

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