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Race Evaluation

QOC: Great Falls, VA: Blue


1. As is typical for my limited O exprience I take off with no plan and change my course wildy before getting a grip on scale and layout.
2. running slow trying to pace for what could be a long day
3. see #2
4. #2
5. #2
6. Feeling good about finding the first five I open up a little on the road. It seems to take me quite a while to find which rock at the control.
7. mind wandering about hte last leg no focus.
8. no recollection
9. Fresh off two meanders I opt for the road trail combo. Probably too far but I am not planning to win and the running is clean.
10. I catch someone coming off the control and pass around to the right
11. Having just given a wide bearth to someone who based on probability has more skill, I am likely already right. I see orange up high on my right. Why I go over to prove to myself that it isn't the proper control escapes me. I return to 11 and pass the same guy agian on the way to 12. Having just witnessed what is best described as careening he seems amused.
12. no plan no concentration just running on the trail
13. I now manage to lose my irritation about my foolish behavior on 11 and focus for a few minutes. Which is apparently the limit ...
14. ... because I run -no mostly walk- the sidehill. Bad choice for me. I should be on the trail.
15. Still thinking about the last leg
16. Back to the present I manage to sort of concetrate again for six minutes
17. On the trail to the road. I pass someone on the road then notice the bank on the left getting a little too steep. I double back slightly and turn into the woods and pass them again for good measure.
18. Take off from the control to fast with no real plan just to open space (silly because based on the limited exposure to my antics the person behind would surely opt not to follow). I see the road on my right and know I am way too close to it. I get to the control in time to pass the same perason for a third and final time.
21. Start off through the swamp too soon. Waste a solid minute contemplating a route to stay dry. End up punching through the ice shin deep anyway.
F. A slightly quickened pace to the car for dry socks and shoes.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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