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Race Evaluation

QOC: Great Falls, VA: Blue


1. +00:30Huh, What direction am I suppose to go in? Tim Good and David Onkst are laughing at me. Even after going into the correct direction I was still very hesitant.
2. Silly Control. Not a good control location. Go up the really steep hill only to go back down again?
3. Where is Number three? oh, on the other side of the map. The logical route is back to the road but I don't want to annoy park officials by running by the park booth. Instead I run along the edge of the hill through the green to past the booth. Then slide down the hill on my butt to the road. Road to most of the way down the parking lot then cut into the woods.
4. Down the hill to the trail. Trail past the junction then cut over to stream and to control.
5. Straight
6. Long run. Cut in past the first boulder area. Clue description says rock spire but it isn't on a spire but boulder. Wander around a bunch. Not sure control was hung in the correct spot in regards to the pond area.
7. Over to trail, down trail to canal. Up to control
8. Over ridge and down hill. Got off to the left. Had go all the way up the hill just to go back down again.
9. Went Straight. Was more climb then going trails around.
10. straight. There wasn't any water at the water stop and I really could have used some.
11. straight
12. straight
13. +02:00Straight to main trail. Cross trail and started up the hill then got confused about what I was doing. Other people were running on but clearly the control was back in the ditch. I went over to the ditch and there was the control. Unfortunately, it wasn't our control. OH wait it was control 15. I had run to the wrong control. Ran on to correct control 13.
14. Didn't want to go down to the trail just to come back up so went straight. Hillside is greener than mapped. Finally found deer trail so could run some.
15. Trail most of the way around.
16. +02:00West, down reentrant to trail. South on trail until I can see the raod then realize this is falls road which I don't want to run on. I had to climb back up and then go up and down the reentrants. Bad course setting leg.
17. Up to the trail. West on trail to road. See Heidi way in front of me. She runs past the cut in spot.
18. slow
19. slow
20. Boulder higher then expected. Hard to get to control. Sid Sachs complaining about how slick it is.
21. usually not suppose to run through this area so I run around the largest marsh area but do cut through last of it and pop out at control.
F. +00:15Run down road but get stuck behind horses and have to slow down. Then the horses stop right in front of the control so I loose even more time.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:45

Split Analysis

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