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Race Evaluation

QOC: Great Falls, VA: Blue


1. Straight in, I hit the curving stream at first expecting it to be there, read the map again and went on to the second marshy area.
2. I cut up the hill a bit steeper than needed and came out just past Rollins Hale Rd. I ran down to the reentrant and attacked running most of the way up the steep part to nearly spike it.
3. +00:40My guess is that I should have gone down to the road but instead, I stayed high, working my way across the green areas and along the fence. I didn't read the description and expected the control to be on a spur, not the reentrant. I lost time looking on the spur but coming back, I could see how the control was hidden on the north side of a tree.
4. I crossed the creek on the log, then used the trail. I crossed Parker Branch Run past the confluence and spiked it from there.
5. +02:00I ran straightish to the saddle, the straightish to the right of the knoll, just about on the line. I dropped and saw some rocks but couldn't seen the control (should have read the control description). I cut right on the steep slope thinking I could have been a little too far north. Dropping I saw more rocks then cut back north to the first set. I still didn't see it until I was just about on it.
6. Down and out to the parking lot, I ran a bit too fast. Confusing the end of the first parking lot with the next due to the fold in the map, I cut to the Heritage Trail too soon. It wasn't much slower. I went past the trail intersection west of the control and cut in to attack off the south side of the knoll. The greek wasn't bad. I almost past it but when I could see the pond, I looked north and it was 20m off.
7. Out to the wall, went along it to the steps and cut across to the canal trail. I noted the trail rise and attacked as it dropped to spike it.
8. Going straight, I stopped at the wet ditch and saw Pat Zerfas running along it from the south. There wasn't a good crossing point visible so I backed-up and went at it clearing it with room to spare. I was a bit tired climbing the reentrants but kept churning all but the last 25M
9. I should have taken more time to read. Having climbed this far, I wasn't inclined to climb further. In hind sight, going higher to the road would have been best for me. In stead I dropped and crossed the big reentrant, then climbed the other side. I kept running most of the way and saw Benitas V. running downhill the opposite way (to #19?). After crossing the trail, I recognized the spur to the north of the control and used it to spike the reentrant. A guy was just leaving as I got there.
10. +07:40I paused to read a bit longer, not wanting to get thrown off by the other runner. Then I set out after him. My line was straight. Again, not reading the control description, I expected the control to be on a spur from eyeballing the center of the circle on the pre-printed map. After a pause, I realized it was further up. I'd gained ground on the other guy and thought I could catch him. Next I think I touched a tree because after that I noticed my finger felt funny. Right after that I saw the control. Distracted, I forgot about my finger until I tried to punch and realized I'd lost my borrowed dip stick. I noted the time at 47:?? and retraced my steps back and forth, one time going more than half way back to #9. Mike Brooks tried to help some even after telling him to go on. One time headed away from #10 I saw Sam Listwak looking for a control. I explained my situation, not wanting to distract him from finding it by the direction of my run. He ran off and I eventually headed back. After about 7 minutes of looking I was back at the control, drank some water, then took off without the dipstick. Sam Listwak eventually found my dipstick.
11. Going straight at it and realizing it wasn't in the reentrant, I saw it 50m away.
12. Back up the hill, I joined the trail near the fenced-in clearing and ran to the next intersection. Along the way I passed Mike Brooks and answered that I didn't find the dip stick. Crossing the intersection, going left, then right, I attacked when I saw the reentrant. Dropping in the reentrant, I was about to pass the visible pit because I still couldn't see the control. I thought it was hung too deep in it.
13. Estimated time on this split--perhaps it was faster but this is how the math seems to work. Straight out, I drifted right a bit, paused to read, then realized I just needed to keep going until the next trail. I left the next trail at the intersection to an intermittant trail which took me almost all the way there. A guy had just left as I spiked it.
14. Estimated time on this split. Again, I didn't think long before choosing to go straightish. Peggy's route of dropping down then going up seems to make sense in hindsight. I had trouble on the steep hillside and trying to duck through widely spaced mountain laurel. A deer trail eventually helped me across whereupon I spiked it.
15. Up to the trail, I stayed on it even as it cut far right and went up the knoll. My attack point was vague and somewhere before the next knoll but I could see it fairly far off.
16. I started straight, cut left on the CR/GL trail. I left that at a bend but not before falling back once when my shoes couldn't hold a bite in the steep muddy slope. I got pretty low and was about to use the road when I read the X's. Counting reentrants, I had to cross a ridge before spiking it.
17. +02:00Two adventure runners left just ahead of me but were on a slightly different course. I ran the ridge and struggled on the climb. I hadn't brought any Gu. Eventually I took the trail to the road, ran down the road until the rise on the left. Even getting a decent look at the map while on the paved road, I was not sure which the contours were going up and which down. I missed and had to come back east to the control.
18. Going straight, I was reasured by someones footprints in the snow. I crossed the trails and spiked the reentrant.
19. I didn't bother with the water since I was close to the end. Charging back, I went straight and dropped into the reentrant. It was mostly good running. I could see the control over 100m away. The trail option would have saved me some climbe at the end but I didn't see it until after it was over.
20. The adventure racers from #16 were again, just leaving ahead of me. I caught them at the creek and ran the slippery sloping hillside right into the control. I was pretty tired and worried about taking a fall.
21. Dropping down on more icy snow, I used the intermittant trail at first. It was unclear to me while reading on the run whether it crossed the marsh or not. I chose get across my own way which was muddy. The ice helped get me across the worst but I still felt like I was losing time. The people who stuck withe the trail, probably were more efficient.
F. After punching I had to run past a dog w/o a leash. My run-in time is estimated since without full splits, I had to put in something to make it add-up.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:20

Split Analysis

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