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Race Evaluation

QOC: Riverbend: Blue


1. Did not read control description
I started-out and was a little low. In the process I got hung-up in the green. Coming from below, I couldn't see the chimney so I hunted the south side of the ruin first.
2. Bad route choice
Did not read control description
Glancing at this leg, I incorrectly presumed I knew where the control was from previous meets. I went low and found the marshy area somewhat slow. Realizing the control was one ridge earlier than I thought I cut uphill but had to cross the fallen trees which weren't marked on the map.
3. +00:15Down, and across, I started to go past the trail, the cut back to it. I follwed the trail to the dam, then up to the knoll.
4. Up the main reentrant to the trail, I crossed at the bridge and followed the stream up to the reentrant.
5. Out to the parking lot, follow the road to the intersection, then I turned left to get down the hill rather than fight vegetation. I came over the saddle and curled right to hit the control once I saw it.
6. +00:45Up toward the water tower, I went right at the road, then tried to go straight at it. I got a bit left and had to correct by climbing over a knoll instead of going through a saddle.
7. I ended-up going a bit high but got there okay.
8. +00:50I got confused when crossing the trail and was right, on the wrong knoll at first. I saw Tim Good even further to my right, then went on to cross the reentrant, then realized I was too high. By this time, Tim had zeroed-in and got there ahead of me.
9. I drank a full glass while Tim took off down and right on the trail. Not sure if he was on the same course or not, I camly plotted my route more directly over one knoll, then down on the trails to cross the reentrant. Along the way, I realized Tim must have been going around but I didn't see him again.
10. Somewhat contouring to the left I hit it okay.
11. Up along the ridge I crossed the first trail, then bore left on the next to the next trail intersection. From there straight in.
12. I ran at this one, saw it far ahead, lost it an paused, then continued.
13. I contoured right a litte.
14. +00:45Cutting across the field, I made a poor choice to use the trail. As it went too far right, I tried to correct my error but in the process, I got hung-up in thorns near the ruin. Finally getting out, I crossed the first and second road then used trails to get me into a gully. A novice group was there wondering if the control there was theirs or mine. I sprinted past to the next gully.
15. Going straight, I wasn't sure about the missing buildings in the clearing. As I neared, I paused to verify. I was right on target but it was so deep, I couldn't see it until the last moment.
16. I contoured around to the left and followed backwards an elephant trail from the Start to #1 to get to the map exchange.
17. Knowing about the ruin, I used the elephant trail which was higher than my first time through on #1. I continued straight until I was there.
18. Climbing to the open area, I crossed the next reentrant and climbed again to the saddle. From there I dropped right in.
19. Going straight, I crossed the reentrant and trail, shot the saddle, and descended to the pond which was a bit more to the right than I expected.
20. +00:45I went left a bit to use the bigger reentrant. When crossing the first trail, I got confused. Eventually I cut right and folllowed to the stream, then in.
21. +00:45Back down the stream, I crossed the broad and shallow ridge, saw a control and ran left a little for it. Of course it was the wrong one--#4 from earlier. I recovered okay.
22. +00:45Going straight, I again got caught-up in thorns near the ruin. I also didn't realize it was on the south side of the ruin. I thought I was on the knoll top when in fact I was on the north side.
23. +00:10I thought the water tower was an odd control for an advanced course. At first I tried not to use the trail which I soon realized was not very smart.
24. +00:15Down to the road, I turned left, then right at the open area. Crossing the reentrant, I ran to an intersection and read my way across the tops of the reentrants. When I thought I'd gotten there but didn't see anything, I recovered quick by going on across a small reentrant to punch.
25. Up along the ridge to the trail, I followed it NW, then just went around the knoll to the right to get to the control.
26. +00:15Going straight, I crossed a knoll that I could have went around. I cut right on the road, then cut left up the reentrant to get there. I guess it helped that this was #5 from earlier.
F. +00:20Just after leaving the control, I saw Peggy ahead walking. I knew she wouldn't be walking unless something were wrong and found out she just got up from taking a spill. After acknowledging she was okay, I went on with good speed but hesitated at the top of the drop, unsure if I were on the correct line--I was.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:10

Split Analysis

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