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Race Evaluation

Sycamore Scramble: Green Sprint


1. silly distraction to bldg to right
2. run like an old rabbit down road, assess proper bldg in clearing, note next as I enter clearing
3. already noted, get there pronto
4. a possible challenge! - set compass, go straight, thinking rootstock, see a control, look at descript=spur, good, get going....
5. set compass for intersection, think bldg but upon arriving see what it is
6. down road, leave bldg to left, a departure fm conservative appraoch, think "good on ya" - might have saved 10"
7. straight, cautious
8. think building on left
9. take a sec to focus on correct bldg
10. could have been a problem...down rd to bend, onto path but did not see open area - overmapped perhaps, but did not "lose it' - noted control at bottom but did not go there - went to where it should be & voila
11. down reentrant to drainage, no brainer (as with #2:-)
12. spot lake enroute to 11, so off immediately, passed Bob Turbeyfill here - sl distraction
13. 4th bldg, don't think I checked code tho' I since made a resolution....
14. st, across reentrant, lefthand bldg
15. bit cautious at start, pick a route, then final portioncomes into memory fm previous experience
F. finish feeling like I'd done an A minus sprint (stupidity at #1) takes away perfect grade

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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